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GW1 arena/maps vs Courtyard

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First off we notice the majority of gw1 maps are annihilation based which courtyard did not follow suite it went with a more run back to your losing teamfight you already pretty much lost by using conquest designed respawns in the format it was trying to recreate.


The above shows mostly everything is simply annihilate the opposing team and its over.


In the above arenas we notice each team have a zone on each side and then it opens up into a wide open area for players to fight in we notice how a less restrictive environment made aoes not as easy to hit which is better than being forced to stand in them pretty much like courtyard did on the sides of the map. For gw2 this map could be remade and even have a pond in the middle for water fights but not required.


The above arena was probably the most common arena the map selection chosen similar to how we mostly play collisseum. There is a choke in the middle which is fine because most games the players fought over the choke for very little amounts of time before pushing through and fighting on the othersides open area.


This arena had chokes that lead up to large open areas. Played similar to the above arena or players would simply meet on the same open field.


The above arena is similar to the first one a base on each side leading to wide open areas.


The above was played similar to the one above it.


Another with players on each side leading to a small open area.

Compared to these arena maps courtyard was forcing people to fight on the sides and stand in aoes during battle rather than being able to play around them if they had the room. The respawning also plays a role in disliking how the game feels when losing it can feel like a neverending losing match running back to a losing battle you dont feel like fighting with this exact team again after the first fail. Courtyard had an open area in the middle however people were forced to the sides and the mid area was kinda abandoned for the most part.

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