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Black Lion Weapon Arsenal weapons, how to preview?

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Is there any way I could preview the Black Lion Weapon Arsenal from the The Evon Gnashblade Decorative Package?

All links in the wiki (and in the API; they're the same) cannot be used, as I get the message "Cannot link from this location."

Do I have to buy a pig in a poke? How do I know, how this weapons would look like?

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Players may pick what weapon type their random Black Lion Skin is.It's a random weapon skin with the same type, out of all the BL skins released. It's not any specific skin, which is why there's no preview possible from the wiki link. (That said, the wiki really should put down links to the general category or something, but they don't have one yet for BL skin sets.)

For example, if you chose the axe, you'd get one of the following...

Abaddon Axe SkinBalthazar Axe SkinBeastslayer Axe SkinBloodstone Axe SkinCavalier Axe SkinChaos Axe SkinCrimson Lion Axe SkinDaydreamer's Axe SkinDevoted Axe SkinDominator Axe SkinDreamthistle Axe SkinDwayna's Axe SkinEmbellished Axe SkinFleet Pact Axe SkinFrostforged Axe SkinFused Axe SkinGallant Axe SkinGargoyle Axe SkinGlacial Axe SkinGlittering Axe SkinImprovised Axe SkinDragon's Jade Axe SkinKaiser Snake Axe SkinKeepsake Axe SkinLeyline Axe SkinLovestruck Axe SkinMerciless Axe SkinMordrem Axe SkinPhoenix Axe SkinPlasma Axe SkinScientific Axe SkinSclerite Axe SkinShadow Skin Axe SkinShifting Sands Axe SkinSoaring Axe SkinSpectral Axe SkinTempest Axe SkinTimekeeper Axe SkinTormented Axe SkinWar God Axe SkinWintersday Axe SkinZodiac Axe Skin

(I might have 1-2 names wrong, since the original naming convention sometimes wasn't consistent.)

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