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LEGO Sylvari


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Sylvari are undoubtedly the most unique and eccentric race in GW2. Passionate, overly curious, predisposition for getting oneself and others in trouble...Combine that with the mind-warping powers of a mesmer and shenanigans are bound to follow.


The figures stands about 13 inches tall and consists of over 1,000 pieces. Sylvari offer a very unique study, having realistic human proportions, bark-like skin, and leafy hair. I ended up using "teeth" and "dragon wing" elements to emulate these organic features, combining curved elements to give the figure a natural, fluid appearance. I was able to find some old butterfly decorative elements and knew they would fit the character perfectly, adorning them on the sylvari's staff staff, as well as placing a few on her hand and shoulder.

Another tricky bit was concealing all the ball joints and articulation points of the sylvari, as well as finding a way to balance such a tall and slender figure. While not quite as steady as my asura model, the sylvari has superior articulation and posability.

Next up: an eighteen-inch-tall charr or a boring ol' human. Probably both?

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