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I'm returning to the game after 2 years, I left when HoT was announced.

I'm bringing 2 friends that are new to the game.

So I need to get updated about some stuff.

1) Dungeon Runs

I wanna carry my friends through some dungeons, so they can get their exotic gear and get used to the game mechanics.

Do you guys have any tips on youtube channels with speedrun guides? The videos I found are old or solo runs.

2) Ascended Gear

I've made my research on this and found this article https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ascended_armor

By the time I left the only reliable way to get ascended armor was by crafting.

I played a fair bit of pvp, and got 2 pieces by then.

What's the best mode to get this armor right now?

3) Gold Farm

My friends will prolly need some gold to get the runes and perhaps craft their ascended armor.

I'd appreciate some tips on this matter aswell. YT videos or channels if possible.


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  1. No idea.
  2. Most reliable and fastest way is still crafting, all you need is gold. Others such as PvP, WvW and Fractals requires time and effort, you could also try your luck on world bosses. But crafting is still the fastest.
  3. World Bosses and Dungeon Pre-80. on 80, try silverwastes, hot meta and fractals. finally, flip on tp.

World Bosses and Dungeon around 5-10 gold per hour.Silverwastes, Fractals and Hot meta around 5-20 gold per hour.TP flipping could rack you hundreds of gold if you're good. Minus 100 - 100 gold per hour.

I recommend doing them all so you won't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again.

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there were no changes made to dungeons since hot. The guides back then are still relevant now, if not easier due to the new especs.

Over all crafting is the most reliable way of getting ascended armor and weapons. There are some achievements you can do on top of crafting to alleviate some of the gold required to craft a full set of ascended. For accessories, of you don't own living world season 3, I would urge you to get it at some point, it offers the cheapest way to get ascended accessories.

Silverwaste farm, doing your dailies for 2g/day, I'm not sure if istan farm is still a thing (haven't heard of any other nerfs to it), auric basin meta, and tp flipping if you're in to that, flax alt farming.

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Dungeon runs: Dungeons havent been touched so old guides are still acurate. Just know that people stack less often cause of the new elite specialisations that are more powerfull.

Ascended: Armor and wepaons are still best crafted. There are some rare lootboxes, but the droprate is so low, satistically you have a much higher chance getting them by crafting. There are some HoT and PoF achievements that rewards ascended weapons. Most notably a quest at the end of HoT and a collection at the start of your PoF elite specialisation.

Gold farm: Most reliable way is to go to the map introduced with the latest living world release (the name is a spoiler, so know that you will get that spoiledearly on). There are two meta evewnts there that collect magic that can be traded to an npc for material boxes. These materials sell for great money on the TP.

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