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Favourite Map


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@Omar Aschi Popp.7496 said:Raid.On.The.Capricorn.

That wasn't a typo.If you don't know what that is I feel sorry for you that you missed the golden days of PvP.

You must have misread, I said copy paste has failed me again. Implying that I copy and pasted the listed names from Wiki, no where does it even mention that I was apart or not apart of the golden days of PvP and I also have no idea what your golden days of PvP were, mine was during BETA.

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@Omar Aschi Popp.7496 said:Raid.Raid.RAID.

NOT REVENGE.Why are you trolling me like this?

I think I may have misunderstood you then. You're favourite map is the old version with the cannons and water, 8v8?That was an exceptionally good map with absolute chaos at every turn but I don't think Anet will ever go back to that :(

(I thought you were being a grammar nazi, my bad)

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