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Is there any other PVE content besides fractas and raids?

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The entire open world is PvE. The level 80 maps are all considered end game content.Speed running dungeons, achievement hunting, Legendary crafting, unlocking skins in your Wardrobe and collections I’d put as end game.
WvW is PvPvE. A lot of players consider this End game content too.

So really it depends what you want to do. There is no definitive ‘end game’ because it is what you make it.

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End game is a term used in other games to describe the things you can do when being max level.This term is less of relevance to GW2 cause of scaling. In those other games, when you go to a starter area, you one hit everything but they give zero loot. So besides helping someone who is stuck, there is no reason at all to go there. In GW2 you have downscaling. It means you can still find not max level area's very interesting. So the entire game is more or less endgame.

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What they said.

GW2 is quite different to many RPGs, particularly other MMOs in that you don't ever reach a point where you've out levelled content and it's not relevant to you any more. Of course you do level up and will at some point be above the recommended level for all the sub-80 areas. But when that happens you'll only have done a tiny part of the content available and because you're scaled to the area you're in you can go and play anywhere any time you like. It's very common to see level 80 characters in starter zones, and all other zones.

If you're looking for PvE things you can only do at level 80 then there's everything in Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, plus all the Season 2, 3 and 4 story and maps (including Silverwastes which remains of the most popular meta-event maps), the Arah dungeon and the Temple of Orr event chains.

But here's a more complete list of things people often do at level 80:

  • Get a full set of exotic equipment and then work on ascended equipment.
  • The storyline (the full thing goes Personal Story > Season 1 recap > Season 2 > HoT > Season 3 > Path of Fire > Season 4 and from the last chapter of the personal story onwards it's level 80).
  • Fight World Bosses, including those in starter and mid-level zones.
  • Dungeons.
  • Map completion - either for it's own sake or as part of making a legendary weapon.
  • Collect skins you like (legendary or otherwise) and use them.
  • Train masteries and collect mastery points to unlock them.
  • Do achievements, some people do as many as possible, some just the ones they're interested in.
  • Collect other items - mini pets for example.

I'm sure there's other options too which I've forgotten. Basically don't limit yourself to things that seem like "end game" content - keep playing the entire game just like you would have before level 80.

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