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Ranger Shortbow Question


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Ok I have been "wrestling" with something for awhile now and have not been able to run this down... so I use an Orbweaver by Razer, keyboard, mouse.. when I run my Ranger with a Shortbow with something targeted and I select / press the key bind for SB2 it also triggers SB5.. same with pressing the key for SB4 triggering SB5.. if I swap to longbow or Axe/Torch 2 or 4 do not trigger 5. Also if I have nothing targeted and just press the key for SB2 (or 4) SB5 is not triggered.. anyone have any thoughts or is that supposed to act that way.. I also note that the cooldown on SB5 when triggered by SB2 or 4 is a lot shorter than if I trigger SB5 with its keybind.. thanks for any help / insight...

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