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[18+] Iron soul is a small tight knit group looking to grow check us out and join today!


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Ironsoul is a growing multi-gaming community with a variety of games under its belt. We have an active player-base that welcomes all who wish to join our brotherhood. Our Current main Games are Guild Wars 2 and star citizen with Guild Wars 2 being our primary game. On the server Sorrows Furnace. However, we also play a ton of other games such as Planetside 2, Rust, PUBG etc. We play whatever our members feel like as a general rule, and a lot of our guys just pop in to keep in touch and chat or play whatever misc games they're feeling at the time. We have an EU and NA community inside of our discord currently, which you can find out more about on our website.

We are a community first and foremost; we actively play any game that develops a following. Our mission at Ironsoul is to provide a friendly, mature, and tight-knit community; our principles are transparency, fairness, and brotherhood.

We want each of our members to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves and will be supported whatever their endeavor may be. Here at Ironsoul, we strive to the best of our ability to make Ironsoul and the environment it provides for us, the best it absolutely can be for years to come. It's our oath to you.We'd love to have you, so feel free to apply at: http://www.iron-soul.net/join

If you want to know what we're like in practice, read our charter Here: http://www.iron-soul.net/charter

Or feel free to hop into our discord https://discord.gg/6wm2BRZJust Ask For USapollo

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