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What PVP is missing, in my opinion.


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1,In pvp, you should be able to save your own loadouts. The loadouts that exist now are Arenanets own default loadouts which ofcourse is not really the best loadouts, because changing circustances and current meta (sometimes). You should be able to make a build, pick weapons then save it for easy, quick future use.

2,When your outside the pvp lobby and queueing up, you can sometimes (almost always, atleast for me) forget that your not in the spec that you use in pvp, because your in pve build. This will cause you to start the match, thinking you have the right weapons since you just used them, but in reality you had a rifle in pve but when you joined you are daredevil that uses dagger/pistol...

My solution to that is, we automaticly switch to our pvp build when entering a pvp match, and automaticly switch to our pve build outside pvp.


I'm not entirerly sure this is actually exist but, make it so in pvp/pve when you stow your weapons during a skill use to cancel a skill, the normal cooldown decreases since you didnt fully use the skill. This will make pvp/pve more strategy like than just click and watch.

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