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Help with WvW Herald


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Hello,I am fairly new to WvW and absolutely new to revenant and was wondering if anyone can recommend any Herald roaming/zerg builds? I have looked at metabattle,which seems pretty straight forward enough, but noticed that it doesnt have Malyx to assist with Condis. Anything else out there?

Also, any play tips would be greatly appreciated with some gold as a tip if helpful!

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Hmm well I haven't played since the patch, but generally the Herald doesn't have great condition removal, and we tend to be on the squishy end of the heavy armour wearing class scale, so you will want to get some vitality with your zerker gear (i.e. Marauders).

I think zerk/marauders Hammer is probably still popular? You can use it from the backline or somewhere not immediately within melee range and it will do decent damage. Staff also used to be a goto backup weapon because of its block and surge of the mists. Although I used to run swords and a hammer personally, as I was terrible at landing surge.

You will want to run with a group, where Herald's buffs give you the most bang for your buck, and also because it is rather difficult to roam with a Rev.

This could all be rubbish since the patch though, sooo don't go investing gold into a hammer zerk build until you have tried it out in exotics or whatever and are satisfied it's worth using.

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