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New Necromancer Needs Help


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The more things you can hit, the better is what I have always been told when leveling a character; in other words, AoEs are your best friends. I have always used a staff on my necro, whether I am leveling or I am fighting a boss, I believe it has been an essential weapon... for me anyway! Everyone plays differently, and there is no shame in that.

At this point in your leveling, try all the different types of weapon set ups! Whether it being axe/dagger/scepter for one of your main one-hand weapons, and focus/warhorn/dagger as an offhand (there may be more), now is a good time to see what you find enjoyable the most, and then you can have an idea on what to set up in the future. But even then, you still have the two elite specializations from the expansions to look forward too as well.

In terms of builds, play around with stuff! You won't unlock everything until a higher level to get a full necro experience, but I have to agree with what artemis says; the minion master build is very useful, as it provides some extra tanky features the necro already has (i.e. death shroud). But, again, try everything out and see what you like the most! :D

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask~

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