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[NA] The Lazy Legion is recruiting casual, adult players

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Name: The Lazy LegionTag: LAZYRegion: North AmericaHome World: Isle of Janthir

Are you a new, or returning player mind-boggled by the incredible array of content in this wonderful game? A casual player who likes to play a few hours after work to relax, or just on weekends? Finding it hard to meet anybody else in a server full of players? Intimidated by the hardcore folks? We are too!

We're come a long way from the tiny band of adult returning players who timidly wandered onto the guild forum several months ago looking for more friends. The Lazy Legion is a lively home for 50 friendly adult players. Current membership has remained stable and intact over the past three months. We're very proud of that. We have a lvl 20 guild hall featuring a PvP arena, and are actively constructing more guild hall upgrades almost every day. We have a Discord server where guildies are welcome to join, but not required to participate. The Lazy Legion is as low-maintenance as they come: no representation requirements, no activity requirements. Players of all walks of life, backgrounds, lifestyles etc are welcome here. Our only request is that guild members are respectful of one another and other members of the community.

We're seeking to add some new faces to the mix while we explore dungeons, fractals and the new expansion content together. If joining a friendly adult player group meandering through all the content GW2 has to offer in the laziest way possible appeals to you, we'd love to hear from you! Contact me here or in game.

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Invites going out. Please be advised GW2 guild participation is at an all time low this week due to the ongoing post 1/9 patch client craziness. Guildies are hanging out in Discord while playing other games. We've had Monster Hunter, Civ 5, Skyrim, Starbound & Stardew Valley fun going on. What other games would you like to play? :D

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