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Casual gamer looking for PvE supportive (maybe WvW) YB guild

Mephu Tahm Jr.1962

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Note: everything I do in game is text based, and I prefer this; it would be best to find a guild that isn't all voice com.

  • Looking for new adventure mates! I'm a casual player of average skill (GW1 import), and would love to adventure with similar people.
  • I'm interested mainly in socializing, social PvE, JUMP PUZZLES!!! :grin: lore discussion, visiting places together, etc.
  • I enjoy experience based play rather than goal based, so I'm not interested in speed runs, farming all the time, etc., of course I don't mind if the rest of the guild does it, but it'd be nice to know some people who just want to look at the scenery :tongue:
  • I love helping other people so I'd rather party up with casuals and spend all night dying over and over, learning and analyzing until the mission is finally accomplished.
  • Even though I rarely WvW and have no interest in PvP style play, I have a very strong YB server identity carried over from when all aspects of the game was server-bound.


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Hi Hephu,

I encourage you to check out our guild, Crow. We are a small Yaks Bend community of adults who do a bit of everything. We are pretty casual with a focus on friendship then goals, gear, and the like.

We don't require voice chat, but do use Discord. It is help if you can listen in for some activities, but it isn't required. Most of the chatter is in guild chat though. Discord text and voice are secondary.

If you are interested in a newer, smaller guild, take a look at our web site, crowguild.com or our recruitment post here.

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Hi there!

Midway [mWAY] is a casual PvE guild that has grown to nearly 50 members in our first month.We do guild missions, fractals, dungeons, meta events, world bosses and are currently gearing for raids.We have an active discord, however it is not a requirement.Although it is recommended for mostly text based chats and announcements, rather than voice chat itself.

Not sure of your timezone, however we are an Aussie/SEA guild but are happy to welcome anyone who may be active during our times.

Shoot me a message in game if you are interested!Happy for you to give us a shot.

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