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EU Underworld server new player looking for casual but frindly guild


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I am a UK based mature player looking for a friendly guild preferably on the Underworld server. My play times are fairly erratic as i have a young family so no hardcore raiding guilds that need me to log in x amount of hours per week etc. I am new to this game but have been playing mmorpgs for years - EQ2, WoW, Elder Scrolls online, Neverwinter plus many many more so am hoping to meet some like minded people to help me understand the mechanics of the game a bit better. I am happy to contribute as and when i can. I would prefer a group of, primarily, mature players . I tend to play in the Evenings- early mornings (GMT) so it would be great if there were players generally active around these times.

please feel free to message me in game via this discussion

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