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End Game [Crew], Max Lv 69 Social NA PvX Guild -Recruiting from the Shadows.


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Hey! End Game [Crew] is looking for new members to be a part of our community! Here is a simplified list of what we do and why you should join us!

Guild Events:

• Sunday Guild Missions

• Monthly Community Giveaways

• Monthly Screenshot Contests


• Crew currently hosts a weekly Fractal Training Runs from Build Conception and Gearing to Encounter strategies. We teach from the ground up!

• For those that are interested in Daily T4 Runs Crew has several members running groups daily after reset.


• Weekly Training Runs and A Static Clear Group!**

• Crew is currently looking for new players interested in learning Raids!

• Raid training occurs once a week at 9pm EST on Fridays and runs 2 hours. Bosses are decided by weekly poll.

• Training Runs require Meta builds and a willingness to join discord and learn!

• For seasoned Raiders: Crew hosts a static group at 9PM EST and clears for 2 hours!

WvW Havoc Roaming!

• Crew is currently looking for new and experienced players on Devonas Rest interested in doing havoc or roaming in WvW! Roaming Nights are Tuesdays at 9pm EST


• We are a Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere – 0% Rep Requirement!

• In exchange for a 0% representation requirement, we wish for members to form bonds with other members, rather than become just a number without a name. This means that members who engage find more success.

• We do ask that members be at least 18+ as we often get into conversations not appropriate for younger audiences.

• We strive to maintain an active roster for our members.

Maximum Guild Benefits and Buffs

• All Guild Buffs available at maximum potency.

• All Members gain maximum benefits for WvW Claiming.

• All Guild-Specific Vendors unlocked.

• Windswept Haven Guild Hall for members to explore and enjoy!

Resources and more Information

• Active and well-maintained Discord

• Custom Guild PvP Daily Room for easy daily completion.

• Up-To-Date website with new events and information!

• For more information please visit our recently reworked and mobile compatible website at https://www.endgamecrew.com and if you’re interested in joining simply fill out an application under https://www.endgamecrew.com/join-us and we will get back to you as fast as possible!

• If you have any questions about our guild, please feel free to contact John Cogbeard [bulwark.2386] in game. See you in Tyria!

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