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Cross server facts

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We have a guild of mixed players from multiple servers and regions. I keep reading that other then WvW your server doesn't matter. Can NA and EU players doing anything together? Is the region differences stopping us from doing things together? So far all attempts to do anything other then chat has been a failure. I would appreciate clarification on this topic. Thank you.

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@Danikat.8537 said:The Trading Post is also shared. Items you list can be bought by anyone in the world, and you can buy from anyone.

This is the best thing in the game! I remember when I played WoW people would buy lower price items then transfer to servers to roll the gold. Doesn't matter now from what I hear the economy is atrocious there and I think overall this economy is one of the best in any MMO.

To add to list:

If repeated, my bad but I would like to see an armor/wep/skill set swap that you can swap between as long as not in combat. Maybe you are out roaming wherever you roam in PvE or WvW and the need is for a healer or DPS and you are the opposite. Oh...and as always FISHING!

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