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Charr Plush!


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I decided to make a plush of my friend's Charr for her for Christmas, and because I wanted to try my hand at making one. She's a jointed plush made from a soft Shannon Minky (it feels like a cloud, seriously). Her eyes and nose are sculpey, painted with acrylic and coated with a transparent resin, and her hair pieces (crowns?) are soft foam to retain some of her squeezy-ness. Her horns are black velvet, her claws are white minky, and they each have a wire inside of them to make them more pose-able. I learned a bunch from making her, and I really hope you all like her as much as we do. :3

NibbletNibblet2Nibblet3Bonus Toe Beans, As requested by her ownerNibblet3

You can find my WIP of this project, as well as all of my other GW2 plush projects over at:plushimancer.comThanks for looking!

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