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What happened to Warrior/Zerker?


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i'm coming back after a longer break. I take a time off because i get totaly bored with my necro. I played it again, but somehow it's seems not to be my thing anymore. So i get my good old Powerwarrior back on trail. But somehow it feels totally weak. I feel like i hit with a wet noodle i play a standart strenght/diciplin/berzerker Powerbuild. Headbutting everything is still fun but if i remmber the last time i played it about over a year ago, in my thoughts it was way stronger, if this wasn't the case i would never had crafted complete ascendet stuff for my norn warrior. I really don't feel like a brute melee force, more like hitting the mobs with an wooden stick than with a giant two handed sword. Jeah Condizerker dps seems much better but i would like to stick on a powerbuild. Like the GS, Axe and Sword much more as this bow and torch thing. So what happened? Is there a new build around wich i haven't discoverd yet? Do i need to stick with spellbreaker? Where is my old meatgrinding, elderdragon headbutting killing maschine gone?

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@"Miko.4158" said:primal burst nerf.try axes

A bunch of nerfs. Primal burst nerf hurt power a lot. Head butt increase in activation time. Stick and move gone. Condi berserker (Sw/T + LB) is the best option for PvE, and you play like a very sturdy melee/mid range fire battle mage, not the rampaging power brute GS swinging core warrior of old. The new elite is focused on WvW/PvP and I hear it is very effective there, so you can go power (D/x + GS). All that being said, once I understood how condi berserker worked, I really liked it.

I have noticed before each patch there is as series of unnecessary nerfs to weaken current specs and unfortunately primal burst was targeted this time. I still remember the Thief Acrobat line that was gutted prior to HoT, just so it could be largely given back to us as the "new" Daredevil elite.

As for the ascended, at least it isn't character bound so that you can move it to another heavy class if you have one. FWIW, power Guardian still probably plays similarly to before you took a break from the game and is a still a very strong spec.

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