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[Umt] The Union of Militibus of Tyria [NA][NSP - Northern Shiverpeaks] [PvX] [WvW]

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Thanks for taking a second and humoring me and this crazy idea for a guild!

The Union of Militibus of Tyria are looking for people, far and wide, to join in a guild that emphasizes camaraderie and a certain fellowship that can only be experienced in an organized guild made by great people for great people! Our goal is simple, to bring together people to enjoy a great game together. Our guild will enjoy all aspects of the game, both PvE and PvP, and eventually with enough people, we'll make the push to claim Tyria for our own! (ala WvW)

For this project We plan on organizing large numbers of people (for the WvW part) and to do this, we have adopted the Roman-esque aesthetics and social structure. Meaning There will be opportunities for everyone to attain a position of leadership, whether it be through attaining the rank of Legate (general) and leading massive armies to conquer the Battlefield or being democratically elected to hold a seat in our senate and helping shape the future of our guild!

So if you're looking for a guild/people to create memories with, looking to acquire a position of prestige and power, or simply looking to enhance your game experience, then The Union of Militibus of Tyria is for you!

Interested? comments? questions? Feel free to message me in game: IGN - markofthedoodler.2609 Or message our first member of senate Androgenousloli.9178

Also got Discord here as our voice comm. https://discord.gg/Zv9KFtb Much more detail on here about the structure of our guild, rules etc.

again thank you for your time and we hope to see you join our unionization!

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