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How do I survive ranged mobs? (staff weaver)


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What build /gear are u using ? ´What mobs are u talking about ? Champions or the trash mobs ? If trash there might be something wrong with build/gear/playstyle but to help finding the solution more information about the situation to be solved would be really helpfull i think ..for others ... i am afraid i won´t be able to give further advices than the ones already written down here bcs of not playing weaver .. :(

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  1. Break their line of sight behind an object
  2. Magnetic aura
  3. Close gap on them, melee enemies will follow, aoe them all with blinds and dazes.
  4. Arcane shield
  5. Earth elemental

If you're talking about multiple ranged heroes, from many directions, then don't worry. A melee weaver would struggle just as much.

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