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Piken and Gandara


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The fault lies with devs who look back through rose tinted spectacles at a brief period of DAoC when players actively tried to balance things, so are under the delusion 1v1v1 is somehow a good system.

The reality is the playerbase of games today has become more scrubified (and even in DAoC it didn't last), so instead of focusing the strongest server what happens is either the middle server gets focused or the weakest server gets focused for easy points/fights.

Go look at EVE Online for how to actually build a mass scale PvP game.

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@Calderis.4780 said:Since you both love to doubleteam that much will i probably transfer to each of you both and drain your keeps a little. You don't deserve to have supplies in your keeps.

Gandara does not double-team or pick one enemy over other, at least I have never seen or heard them do that so far. At the prime time Gandara has queues in every map so people go to whichever map has lowest queues. Many people still prefer green map over red desert map just because of the map layout.

I do not know what Piken does, they in general look to have less players so they may simply look for easier map with less enemies defending objectives.

P.S I am in FoW linked to Gandara currently.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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