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[NA]Kinetic Quark [Qrk] Raid Recruitment


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Kinetic Quark

Hello and welcome to our recruitment post!

A little bit about us

Since the launch of Heart of Thorns, Kinetic Quark's goal has been to participate in Raids with strong values of efficiency, cohesion, and entertainment.Through trials and tribulations our perseverance has paved the way for like minded players to come together to efficiently & effectively defeat raid bosses.

What we offer

Leadership: We take the initiative to make decisions that are best-fit for the guild and are also open for constructive feedback.Experience: We have cleared all 5 wings.Opportunities: We offer suggestions and consider changes to allow us, as a whole, to succeed.Diversity: We allow players to swap into different roles for development. We offer advice and guidance on how to properly build your class.Communication: We readily prepare information that keeps everyone on the same page.Teamspeak3: Our form of in-house communication among each other during raids.

What we are looking for

Raid Schedule: Pacific Standard TimeMonday and Tuesday 7:00PM-9:00PMAvailabilty: We are looking for people who can commit to a regular raid schedule.Flexibility: We strongly encourage multi-classing i.e chronomancers, druids & banner warriors. We want players who will take it upon themselves to learn multiple classes and bring a high level of game play. (Advice and guidance is provided)Experience: Players who consider joining us must have prior raid experience with all wings 1 through 5 with a good understanding of their class and role. You are expected to know and perform mechanics on any raid encounter i.e Sabetha cannons, Slothasor mushrooms, Dhuum greens etc.Attitude: We want to stress that having the right demeanor towards others and encounters creates a productive and efficient environment.Gear: Having the right weapons, armor, and build carries over to a successful kill. You are expected to have characters geared properly to their role.


There will be a series of question in regards to what we look for in a new member and how they are as a person.If there are questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in game:Bamboozle.2934Have a great day!

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