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Siege weapons bugged... looks fine to me..


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@Basti.3698 said:the update we all prayed for..

Its an WvW anti-PPT update, its to confuse all those sneaky empty tower flippers. They are usually so brain dead, by the time they got it all figured, folks are there to kick em off there.

Thanks Anet! Siege wars are over, finally only good old open field blob fights. Ehehehehehehe

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hm...this gives me an idea for an april fools trick

a new siege that looks like a catapult or AC.that the enemy can use (It doesn't appear as hostile. but looks just like their own)

and it has a 10% chance of backfiring, destroying the siege and launching the user back 500.

only Guards can tell its fake, and if a guard attacks it, it shows up as enemy.

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