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keybind modifiers such as "alt + 1" does not behave properly after new patch.

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[ EDIT: I would also like to specify this is only present when using action camera. ]Ok, this bug is more noticable when trying to use profession skills for the thief class.Before the patch the keybind works like this: first i press the alt modifier in advance; then no matter how long after, once I quickly tap 1 the skill would execute. meaning that the "alt +1" modifier works as it should.

After this recent patch: " I press the alt modifier in advance, but once I quickly tap 1 the skill would not execute. Instead you either have to double tap 1 while pressing alt OR press alt and then long press 1"

I do not know if this is what you guys intended with the patch but it is a very annoying change. Atleast have the option in the settings to keep the old behavior as opposed to being forced to use the "new behavior" of keybind modifiers.

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