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Partially New: Looking for Current Builds


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I played guild wars for like a year when the game was first released, but I haven't touched it since. I'm thinking of coming back since I hear the game is in a pretty good place with lots of new content, but I'm completely lost since it's been so long. I'm over my head with all the new stuff that was added! I was an engineer main when I left, but nowadays I have no idea how to even play my character. Can anyone give me advice as to what the strong builds are these days, both for PvE and PvP? Ideally with links to builds too, since I don't remember a darned thing about what skills or talents even do.

I should mention that I don't have heart of thorns or path of fire at the moment. If I'm able to get up to speed I plan to buy both of them, but I want to make sure I can get back into the game first without being too lost.

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