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Mesmer Appreciation Posts!


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I wanted to post something to encourage players in the Mesmer forum to post something that they really appreciate about their Mesmer. I wanted to see less negativity going around in the game/forums about mesmers' state in various game modes. I'll start off the appreciation series! (I did do a brief search and couldn't find anything like this on the Mesmer forums.)

I really appreciate my Mesmer because Mirage Cloak is handy when pressing someone in fractals for example. I also love the fact that I can have the option of killing stuff out in open world pve content with Mirage, but I can switch back to Chronomancer for group content like fractals. I noticed that after months of research/practice, I finally have the quickness rotation semi perfected. It makes me feel all warm and giddy inside knowing that my Mesmer is single handedly keeping up the quickness/alacrity on my group.

What are one or more things that you appreciate about your Mesmer?

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I love my mesmer as a character, her look and the personality I built for her is something I'm fond of. More than that, I love learning how to play the mesmer class. It's more difficult for me, but I like that it isn't easy. The overall "aesthetic" of the mesmer class is also pleasing for me. This is a good post <3I hope more people join in.

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