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Chuka and Champawat: Hunter's Journal: Entry 4 - Bugged

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Already a post about this bug.. and no a map reset does not fix the issue.. tried completing this around a dozen times and the glass eyed tiger either runs into an embankment and hunts worms or both tigers conjoin in tree hugging.Seems the patch has recreate a whole range of old bugs and new.. so its down to where ANET put this on the list of lists.. until then go plant seeds and watch them grow I guess.

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Also having the same issue. As well I have seen tons of other people going in and out of there at least once every few minutes or so during normal hours so it's a common problem.

I noticed in a new instance that when one was at 70% hp they both ran away and went into the tree, but never disappeared. It's as if something causes that event to bug out at that exact moment and instead of disappearing they just stay there forever creating the situation where nobody can complete their quest chain.

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@Legatus.3608 said:Worked as of a few minutes ago

Your either on a different part of the chain or you got extremely lucky.. or your just trolling perhaps. cos its been broken since the patch on the 9th.. no matter what map instance your on the tigers bug.. occasionally head-butting the embankment near their spawn, most times tree hugging west of spawn after a small amount of damage is put on the male.. sometimes only one lion spawns more often both head straight for their favourite tree.

Just checked again.. yep glass eye and his mate are hugging the tree again.

The list of bugs has grown pretty large this past week or so.. I am thinking this isn't going to be given any kind of priority, otherwise someone from ANET would of at least acknowledged the issue.

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This event is still bugged, tried in a clean map reset, the tigers (after receiving X% amount of damage) started running and got stuck (both) in a tree. Then I went to do something else, after a few minutes I returned to the event spot and could start the event again, but, same story. I did this like 3 or 4 times and every damn time the tigers get stuck somewhere.

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