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EU player looking for PvX guild - comming back after 1 year of inactivity.


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Hey guys.. so after 1 year of inactivity I'm comming back to the game and find myself in search of a guild.

A bit about me:Game - related:

  • home - server: Far Shiverpeaks
  • I've been playing since the days of GW1 with multiple breaks when I felt the game was no longer engaging - currenlty relearning how to play - game controls feel a bit alien atm haha.
  • I've mostly played the PvE part of the game - can say I did it all except for raids which is something I'd like to do, as for WvW and PvP not so much - played on occasion for fun.
  • I've played all of the professions except for the mesmer ( pink magic just isn't my thing ) with all sorts of builds, and can honeslty say I like all of them tho I think I've mostly played as Guardian, Thief & Revenant.
  • Before I quit I did a lot Fractals and some of PvE content of HoT.
  • I'm open to using voice comms as long as it is something easy to use like Skype/Discord.
  • Comming back because Path of Fire is looking awesome and think it would be worth my time.

Non-game related:

  • So yeah I like to think myself as gamer, I play lots of other stuff as well - big fighting game (SF5, MK, Tekken Injustice etc) & RPG fan here. Currently working as software tester trying to learn web development on my own , gonna join a web-dev course sometime in the near future.
  • Because of my job and because I spend around 4h a day traveling between my job location and home I don't get that much time to play stuff. Bummer I know..

What I'm Looking for:

  • So I've got a job and when I get home I don't always have time to play during the week, I can play during weekends tho - no problem there. I'm interested in a social guild ages 20+ if possible who wants to build friendships and enjoy the game together :) . I'm interested in raids but I've never done one so if anyone would be nice & patient enough to guide and accept me as part of a raid group that would be awesome. I'd rather it be a guild of max 40 to 50 players than a guild of a few hundred people. I honestly belive groups of that big of a number isn't that fun to play with as it can be hard to "connect".
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