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[EU][Raids] [DCMD] Dhuum CM Must Die


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Greetings! Do you want to do Dhuum CM and bored to use LFG to find nothing? You have luck! Take a breath and lets read!


DCMD was founded with the purpose to have a static squad to try hard Dhuum CM everyday (Look "Our Schedule"). Using LFG depends A LOT of the luck that you have and actually its a bit... bad.With "try hard" i means to be a training but at same time not, we need to be together, same people if its posible and same roles(Look "Configuration"), with the attempts learn know what X guy will do and Y where will go so with the trys we became more efficients and faster, everyone should be know what to do but we need to learn / create a tactic to ourselves to do dhuum.The guild was founded this last friday (5-jan-2018) and thanks to the contacts that i got from "Pug" trys, we reached 12 members with diferent roles and classes and started to test last weekend. We are not enough, real life calls or people forget the Schedule so we still need more people to mount a static group, or at least a semi-static group (Look "Assistance System").If we get enough people to org 2 squads or more will be nice that another member/s take the tag and org it but allways keep in mind the "Assistance System" explained below.Representation is not required, only stay tunned to the guild chat.A bit more info at the end of this post in "After Dhuum CM"


We need a bit everything to be sure that we can mount at least 1 full squad with same people, but we are a bit lack of Chronos, weavers, renegades and engineers. Depending of the configuration that we do we will need more one class or another.

People interested to join this guild must:

  • Be experienced in dhuum normal mode, having killed him at least 4 times. KP drop is random, people can do 4 times dhuum but x1 kp every try, so it means 4kp, or another guy x5 and have 20kp, it is why i dont ask for many KP, but at least 5kp min.
  • Be experienced in dhuum challenge mode as far as is posible, but at least reached 1st soul split and surpased it.
  • Ask for a quantity of LI is a bit abstract, experience in Dhuum is imperative but show how experience you are in raids will be positive and titles like "Demon Demise". 150 LI or a legendary armor is the minimal accepted.
  • And of course we wish:
    • NEVER get caught by "Mini Dhuum" in preevent.
    • Notice FAST when you have the bomb and move away.
    • Kiter doing his job correctly.
    • If you can do greens never fail orbs.
    • Tank know where to move dhuum.
    • Break Shackles FAST.
  • Patience and willing to progress doing dhuum.


We are starting to try configurations to see which one is the best for us and the people that can come.DCMD have a "database" where we are registering almost everything, people in the guild and their classes, the schedule, assistance and successful configurations from another guilds that made already Dhuum CM, providing as proof their respective video link.If you successfully enter to the guild dont forget to ask about the file to watch it.


Mondays and Sundays are free for your personal fullcleans or guild missions respectively.The start time can be delayed 10min in the case that someone came late or finishing something.Times are in CET.Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Start: 19:00
  • Finish: 22:00Saturday
  • Start: 16:30
  • Finish: 22:00This day we can do breaks.

Patience is imperative to try this boss but if someday we have a bad day we can just stop and do a break or just raid off and continue the next day, anyway, we MUST have a progression for every try or days.


At the start i was thinking to have "main rooster" and "backup" people, beeing main rooster the first 10 guys joining the guild and the rest as backup but saw that dont work so well, perhaps because we are few but i just implemented the Assistance System.If a second squad can be mounted will have priority the 1st with the people with more points, unless there are some members that fits better in the 2nd.For every try that someone comes (try = day that we org) he get one point, only in the case that he stay all the run or leaves giving a reason.

Points can be lost if:

  • Leaves the squad without saying the reason.
  • (In the case that someone org the try): Kick someone without saying the reason.
  • Fails continuously.

¿Points for what?

  • If someday we are 12 to do a try, only the 10 with more assistance points have his slot assured.
  • Someone fails so much or just leave, dont get a point (he comes +1, he fails -1 = 0)


We are using at this moment TeamSpeak in the gw2 community server, but we have too a Discord server, when we reach enough people to be a solid rooster we can go to Discord or stay in Ts, as the people choose, but for better communication, advices, etc, at the end we will use discord.


If the selected squad beats dhuum cm, they are not forced to being in the guild but they are free to help others joining new squads, org new ones, etc.About me, the founder of this proyect, i can keep updated the File "database" and promote to another guy an officer rank or just the leadership of the guild, anyway, i wish that this guild become a platform to everyone that willing to do Dhuum cm, and ofc, have enough skills and patience.When the next leader is promoted rules could be changed and the requirements to enter.

Thanks you for reading all, sorry for my English and this long post, i hope to be explained well and clearly. Im waiting for your questions or request!

Remember, Dhuum CM must die!


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The Guild is updated!

Our main group finally managed to kill Dhuum CM after doing great sacrifices. Here is our Kill proof (https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/7t025r/dhuum_cm_killed_dcmd/).

To achieve that kill we needed to do some politic changes, rules and adjust the schedule accordingly to the squad and how was going the attempts. Now that i have the kill and more mates its time to do some changes:


As i said in the original post, i wish that people can use this guild as a meeting point to find another players that willing to do this boss and create a new squad or join another already done.


After suffering all this hell :D im not willing to command this anymore but im here to bring tools, so if somebody want to create a squad, will be easy!


After the first recruitment i noticed that many people joined willing to kill this but with no intention to sacrifice themselves to really kill this. Remember that Dhuum in CM is HARD for begginers or bad squads. So, if you want to join this guild it means that you want to get the achievment, REALLY want to kill Dhuum CM and you can come EVERYDAY, or at least, have a regularly in your availability so you can go with your squad ALL the time.

Its needed new members that can or have the will to set the tag and try to do a new squad. (AKA commanders)

About classes, its needed everything, so people can form their squads easily. Dont be shy if you can only play with one role, surelly you could fit in some composition, just ask to a commander.


  • Willing to kill Dhuum CM
  • Use discord
  • Be experienced in dhuum normal mode, link your KP, min 10KP, if you have less tell me your kills and your kp drops.
  • Be experienced in dhuum challenge mode, lowest % will be appreciated.
  • And of course we wish:
    • NEVER get caught by "Mini Dhuum" in preevent.
    • Notice FAST when you have the bomb and move away.
    • Kiter doing his job correctly.
    • If you can do greens never fail orbs.
    • Tank know where to move dhuum. (you can make an strategy for optimals spots)
    • Break Shackles FAST.


The configuration of classes now depends of the new squad/s that can be formed, by now there is not a specific configuration.


We use discord and have our own server, its imperative that you enter there to get access to the community and the file database.Thanks to discord we could manage to make strategies and share documents, images, etc.


There is no schedule now, new squads and people will create their owns.


I revoked the Assistance System, only worked at beggining to see the people that comes more often to our trys and create the core of our final group with the same people.Is so much work when at the end the commander just invite someone available, and if the group seems fine should be go together.

I hope that this initiative helps more people to get his CM kill and the old DCMD mates that couldn't get it yet can get it soon.

You can contact me directly ingame or fill this form: Recruitment form

Remember, Dhuum CM must die!


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