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[EU] Least Wanted of Tyria - new guild focused on socializing, growing together, PvX, casual


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Hello, my name is Apex and I'm a guild founder and leader of LWOT (Least Wanted of Tyria)

Not the most creative name, but that's what me and my officers could come up with. Something weird, not too hard to remember and not too serious.

We are a Guild that right now is focusing on growing and recruiting members so that we can do guild events/quests/missions to grow it and contribute to it. We are looking for semi-active members that can play on a regular basis or at least few times a week. However hardcore players are welcome too!We do not have any hard filter - pretty much anyone is welcome. We won't enforce any hard rules, except just to use common sense (respect members and non-members alike and overall represent the guild in the best light)

As we expand, we might put a harder focus on Pvp/wvw and raiding, but for now our main focus is to grow and just adapt as we go. Our main goal is to create a social guild that sticks together and most of all, has some fun while improving our game skills and knowledge. And of course explore Tyria!


LWOT was formed by me and 3 other closer friends who have known each other for 2 years. We are all veteran players of the game who decided to come back to it after taking a 2 year break. Coming back to the game now is a huge learning curve as the game changed a lot since 2015. Our 2 year companionship was one of the foundations for this guild - to create a close-knit guild of loyal members looking for some fun.

Anyone who joins is welcome to give suggestions for improvement and growth of the guild.

We have a Discord server we use for general communication, fun and many other things!

CONTACT INFORMATION:Discord: Apex#9686In-game: ApexSpartan.2974

In case I'm at work and not replying, you can always add our officers to recruit you to the guild and invite you to the Discord server!

Guild commander: TRULY HONORABLE AND REFORMED#6309Guild officer: Alexander452#9179

Hope to meet you in Tyria!

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