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Adidas Originals Power Rankings of PvP in EU (January).

These power rankings of PvP are based on observable performance and objective results such as solo queue experience, tournament exposure, mechanical skill, rotational knowledge, decision making and effective communication. Inactive players have been excluded from the list to promote participation in the community.

We put some time and effort into this list + gave some love to the streamers worth mentioning.

Thief:Sindrener: 96Aieone: 91Hybrid: 89Kaazers: 88IrishKoffee (d/p): 87Vallun: 87Sizer: 85Der Assassin (d/p, power): 84Lincoln: 82Suki: 82Fave: 78Bykult: idk who this is tbhGarkos: 76Silencia: 69Honorable Mention - Roxas: 99¾

Mesmer:Misha: 97Frostball: 96Mysthezia: 91Cazar: 90Hybrid: 88Lyssa: 85Vlerk: 84Xyron: 83Hitalok: 80Bychitz: 78Honorable Mention - Illusionary: 44

Necro:Posi (afk): 94ImDa: 92Wing Mon Cherry: 91Aya Huasca: 90Sinid: 89Thijsken: 87Alwies: 86Deathok : 86Emapudapus: 85Solmat: 84Tekk: 82Lil Emo Girl: 79
KOKOS BANANE: 76Domoscrub: 72Patrick: 72Honorable Mention - Ziltoid: 44

Ranger:Xomi: 92Lorddavito: 90LeFrère: 89Stronlo: 86Grimkram: 85Kees flodder: 83Miaz: 82Corey: 81Loca: 80Kraitan: 80Talek: 79Trekolon: 78Tweety: 75Honorable Mention: DannyBoy: 44

Guardian:Demon: 93Slash : 92Kris: 92Cookie (dh): 91 / (fb): 87Blackjack: 91Crann: 90Tolfdir (dh): 86Chaton: 84Rilauven: 84Kranox (dh): 84 / (fb): 78Frozen Men: 82Grimkram (core): 82 (if not drunk)Strategoo: 81Chunsu: 81

Engineer:Zan: 98Ebrush: 91Lary pe: 90Thijsken: 90 (sorry, not your main, would be 95 if main still)ArturJkee: 88Vebryan: 87Angeels: 86Falan: 85Floodi: 83 (bigD, stop clicking)Bychitz: 78

Warrior:Boyce: 95Obindo: 93Vaanss: 89 (no wintrade)Iriel (core): 87Dragons warden: 86Thybzz: 85Tigerr: 85Tramadex: 85Dostomatoz: 84Rayzen: 82Ajaxx: 81Hearteater: 80Wintrade Sheriff: 73Honorable Mention - Roberto (core): 97

Revenant:Lyssa: 93Tenebrae: 90Frostball: 88Azurrs: 87Butcher: 86LivingDeathTiny: 86Briseis: 85CreamCheeze: 84Edson: 78

Elementalist:Farror(f/a): 95Crann: 92Quadrel: 86Avensa: 85Elemelentalist: 83Frostball: 82CelloFrag: 72¾ (Youtube-Peen)

------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ NEW IN ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Twitch:Rom: 101 MILK - https://www.twitch.tv/ romoncokeAjaxx: 97 - https://www.twitch.tv/ irajaxxSindrener: 97 (two-face) - https://www.twitch.tv/ sindrenerHelseth: 95 - https://www.twitch.tv/ thelordhelsethZan: 95 - https://www.twitch.tv/ zanananananBoyce: 92 - https://www.twitch.tv/ boycerinoVallun: 89 - https://www.twitch.tv/ vallunvMisha: 88 - https://www.twitch.tv/ kanyeeastxdAngeels: 87 - https://www.twitch.tv/ angeelssJonasdon: 85 - https://www.twitch.tv/ jonasdon1Hearteater: 84 - https://www.twitch.tv/ hearteater666Malfarian: 80 - https://www.twitch.tv/ malferianJawGeous: 82 - https://www.twitch.tv/ jawgeousIAmTheFreakShow: 67 - https://www.twitch.tv/ iamthefreakshowFrostball (gachi): 15Pepe - https://www.twitch.tv/ frostball99

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A team that dosent even pass 2nd round in all monthly AT, that loose every daily AT to random and still has all of their player in every top 5 each class :'(A team that has all their player never did a single thing in GW2 when it was still ESL, that never done a single tournament, that has 0 experience in the game in a competitive setting, that has 0 knowledge about the knowledge their ladder is based on. How the fuck is it possible to even mind about posting a ladderboard when you are called Addias Originals. What is the point by doing this ? Wana be fam in this 100 players game ? Wana try to bring a new thing like the French Mafia ?Can you understand that you are not in position to do anything like a leaderboard ?You can say i'm mad coz u rated me lower than all those unknown players, in reality i dont care, i can even be 54.But it look funny to put this guy who trashtalked me all days "Dragon Warden" your teamatein top 4 warriors OMEGALUL. When i asked him to duel for 200golds last day he said yes until i said "ok i'll ask sind to be the man in the middle, we both send 200g to him and he will send back to the winner ok" ? After this he blocked me.

Try to pass the first round in the next monthly and then maybe, when all those 25 decents players in the game will leave it, mb you will be able to compete and talk.

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But it look funny to put this guy who trashtalked me all days "Dragon Warden" your teamatein top 4 warriors OMEGALUL. When i asked him to duel for 200golds last day he said yes until i said "ok i'll ask sind to be the man in the middle, we both send 200g to him and he will send back to the winner ok" ? After this he block.

That just shows how brain damaged you are if u think i'd throw my gold to a frenchie and another "pillar of community" who hates everyone who don't lick his ass cause he's streamer and blablabla, anyways lets dont go off topic. I did came to duel you, but you just beat me already with "i dont fight with randoms without gold" like you can't even stand by yourself, need whole French Mafia on backup ofcourse xD thats understandable, autist can't speak for himself . Honestly i don't have time for retards so this is the last time ill feed your ego which is bigger than the playerbase drop in Gw2 PvP. Ye i get it, you suck irl so you gotta compensate it somehow here, in Guild Wars 2, apperently you failing to do so here too lol. You need help, seriously. You should meet psychologist or something because your personality disorder is kinda obvious. Anyways good luck to becoming "something" in dying game mode, its your little world, ill let you have this happiness cause im actually feel bad for you, it feels like i stole a candy from autistic boy and now i have to calm him down cause he won't stop crying. Feeling bad for your parents that they rise a retard.

P.s i never blocked you, but i dont want you to answer to this post so ye now im blocking you, bye and don't forget to take my advice and meet psychologist.

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Your lovely stories are even more twisted then your ego's tbh. We do not want to become the next 'French Mafia', as you call it. Hell, I'd rather cut my wrists tbh. Also I love how you're talking about ppl not willing to duel you. You wanted our war to pay you 200g for a duel cuz you had "reputation" to lose, as you said it.

Also, you might wanna open your cheesy french eyelids and read what I said, DECEMBER power rankings, you're talking about a past ESL related history from this game which is 2+years ago, it literally says, DECEMBER POWER RANKINGS. We haven't seen u play any normal game in ranked without throwing it, so yeah ofcourse you didn't get rated all to high :).

Now keep this post clean of french salt please, it is the most accurate and least rigged list out there.


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