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GW2 Newby looking for PvE Allround build


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Hay guys,

I am completlz new to Gw2 and just hit 80 on my Necro. Now I amhave looking for the best allround PvE build out there which gives me the best oppertunits to do expansion campaigns, living world, world completion, early fractals and dungeons.I am asking for the one "meta allround necro" build wich is up2date to the latest patchI know necro may not be the best in endgame but I am not there anyways im just asking for the best and easiest allround build to play in solo and group pve content.

please tell me which armor weapons and accesorys I should get atached to the build aswell since I am very noob.

Thanks and Regards!

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this is mine, its basically based around doing anything and everything.

with alot of hp recovery/stun breaks. (every skill is ment to be used. even the signet which can give u a 6k heal if surrounded by enemies. and using it wont lose you the +25% movement cause u have dagger)

basically use GS in combat, switch to dagger to use its 2 skill for a heal or in case conditions are proving problematic(dagger 4 fixes it). but mainly stick to GS for dmg and its passive heal

switch to shroud to break stun/movement debuffs.
and switch to shroud when you low hp. hit 4. and let vamperic heal you up (and downed allies. its a pretty nice heal)

for WvW i switch the daggers for a staff. and maybe suffer for a well

for PvE, i tend to switch suffer and chilled to the bone for bone minions and flesh golem. as minions also help to heal you (vamperic <3 )

it wont be the best in any one field, but its good in all, and if played right (using shroud at the right times), you'll find yourself being the only one not being killed in meta events. and ending up being a "necro medic" with that shroud 4.

if you can't get marauder stuff, just switch it with knight. or a combo of soldier/knight.

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This is what I use for most content except raids and pvp. Great damage and decent sustain with traited wells giving protection and stealing life + the leeching (or cleansing for Well of Blood) bolts you get from the combo fields and Well of Power being a stun break plus condi converter.

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