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[EU][Raids] Totally Wasted [TW] Recruiting


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  • Are you a competent experienced raider and player looking for a static group of fellow experienced and chilled players?
  • Are you looking to commit yourself to a static group that does multiple raids on all wings each week?
  • Are you looking for a group of truly experienced players who do full raid clears every week, seek to enhance their skills and be best in their roles? Then you may be interested in joining our raid guild and team.

The Guild

Totally Wasted [TW] is a guild group of chilled and slightly toxic elitists that spend our gaming hours doing raids together or equipping our alt characters (and accounts) to be raid and fractals ready. This means that we are committed to raids, we endeavour to be fully knowledgeable of all aspects of raids, meta, professions and mechanics and we also focus on being multi class players, not by just having multiple professions fully ascended and ready for raids/fractals but also practising max DPS rotations on the special training area as well as in raids/fractals with the aim of maximising our efficiency and usefulness for the team.

We do main account full clears (Monday 8pm CEST), alt account full clears and random raids bosses together throughout the week. We use Discord to organise raids.

Open Slots We are looking for players whose mains are DPS Chrono and CPS.

For Chrono, we are looking for players experienced with the majority of the following:

  • Distorting VG, Gorse, and KC.
  • Distorting Sloth.
  • Experience with Claiming W4B2 in normal and CM mode.
  • Experience with Tanking W4b3 in CM mode.
  • Of course providing perma buffs

For CPS, we are looking for players with experience of:

  • putting out a decent amount of DPS
  • providing might, Might, MIGHT


We are made up of players from other guilds so we understand the restrictions of representation and do not ask members to represent us unless we are doing our weekly clears.

We require applicants to have:

  • Experienced with Wings 1, 2,3 & 4 is vital.
  • Minimum of 2 Fully Ascended, Meta Ready professions - comprised of any of the following (Chrono, Tempest, Druid, Guardian or PS).
  • A main character / profession of either Chrono or PS. You must know the ins and outs of the profession, its traits, skills, role within each raid encounter and more.
  • A secondary profession of either Chrono, Tempest, Druid, PS, or Guard. Again knowledge of the profession, its traits skills and use is vital. More vital is the willingness to learn more.
  • Commitment to the raid squad is the most vital requirement. This means being there at set raid times, continuously practising rotation for maximum efficiency (dps or support), willingness to learn and develop, and having a positive outlook to working together as a team.
  • We use discord to organise raids schedule and communicate in runs. Be willing to use it to access latest schedules for raids as well as communicate during full clears.

The one requirement we do not budge on is commitment. We are committed and expect you to be.

We are aware that some players are totally brilliant at one profession and are not slightly interested in other professions. Is that you and you want to apply? Then tell us and if you fit our team we are always keen to make exceptions.

Recruitment process

  • Contact Viruszsz.1360 ingame PM or whisper but dont expect me to answer whispers immediately ;)
  • You will be invited to the guild for a trial period of 1 month where you can socialise with us,
  • join us in guild runs (where we will evaluate your experience), and see if we are the guild you are looking for.
  • Once the trial period is over, if you have the required skill and/or experience and if you fit in with the guild , you will be part of the team and hopefully you will feel as part of the group.


We are highly committed to raid schedules. If you cannot make it because real life disturbs gaming life, then a simple message on discord saying you cannot make it is enough for us to understand and accept. We can even change the schedule if needed. We however do not tolerate being online during raiding schedule and not joining raids as required or not informing us that you are not coming despite knowing the schedule and the team is dependent of your awesomeness.

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