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Accessing Ulukk's Hunger in Dredgehaunt Cliffs


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I'm unable to access that little Grawl city I need to explore. I don't have access to Grawl as a racial sympathy thing and I don't intend to make a character just to do that. Is there any other way to unlock it? Some people have mentioned slamming themselves against the front door and I've been walking into it for 10 minutes with no luck. I also tried using mounts to scale the mountain around it but I can't seem to get it. :'(

I have all but 2 areas explored for the Shiverpeaks Explorer thing and I can't believe they'd lock an achievement like this behind a racial dependent story quest.

TL;DR How to get into Ulukk's Hunger without doing the grawl siding story mission.

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The instant you get near the frozen gate of the grawl village, the area Ulukku's Hunger unlocks on your map. That means you read the territory's name in yellow letters in the middle of your screen, you get experience for discovering the area and you are now able to see the area description on your map. This is counts towards the shiverpeaks-exploration achievement. If you are missing two areas in the Shiverpeaks, it is definitely not Ulukku's Hunger. This works with all story-locked areas of core tyria.

Here are a few ideas what areas you might miss:

Core tyria is very well designed and it is quite easy to miss a whole area, just because it does not have a map-completion objective in it. Good luck!

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