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Power Rev or Engi?


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since i've started playing GW2 i've played most of my time as necro. So after my norn necro lady get's a little bit boring i'm looking for a second class to play up from lvl 1 for some diversity. Stick a bit with Mesmer but somehow while he's fun in groups i don't like the gameplay as solo char, and I'm soloing the most time.

So i tried out all the other classes finally getting into rev and engi also take them into the silverwaste (80 boost). Also got em into the pvp lobby and playing around with em there. But i can't really make my choice atm.

So my question to long time players of these two classes are: How's their survivabilty on Story/Open World (HoT/PoF) and low/midlvl fractals? How hard are these classes to learn and get good in terms to kill Vetrans/Elite mobs? Can they be played with an more easy rotation and also with an higher skillcap? Somedays i'm really tired from work and don't want to play all the time perfectly on point to get stuff done but i wont some more challanging than my necro. Can they both played well with an power build in the type of content i'm looking for? Don't want to play condi doing this already with my necro main.

The rev build i want to play is an standart herald/dwarf or shiro build. S/S and Staff.As engi i want to try something with rifle, flamethrower one or two turrets, and Granade/bombkit. Also this scrapper thing with a hammer seems fun to me.

Would this kind of builds work?

I know in the end it's all up to me to make my choice. But i want to do 100% Map and all of the storycontent with this alt so i thought some feedback from longtime players of this classes could be nice to see how they do overall, so the risk i put a lot of time and effort into my alt and in the end i don't like it is not so high .

Ty all for reading and giving some feedback.

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