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Wilderness survival line need a few nerf.


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@EnderzShadow.2506 said:why do I even respond to these convos.Do any of us have any actual evidence that the people who make 'said balance changes' read these forums?

If anything, Anet has proven that they won't Fix or Change anything that isn't incredibly broken. This goes both ways, whether it's broken WORKS or Broken-Broken.

Scourge outrage. What has anet done?

Comparatively, a few people asking for nerfs to druid doesn't even register.

The appropriate strategy is to completely ignore them unless posted by Anet so the size of chain stays small and seems irrelevant and unimportant. A fire requires Oxygen Fuel and Heat. These posts provide fuel and responses provide heat and oxygen that may create a fire which is noticed.

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Is Empathic Bond + Melandru + Lemongrass really all that effective in a competitive environment?I find that even letting conditions tick for half their duration is deadly -- everyone knows to invest in condition damage over duration (and frequently they have both, cancelling out any reduction in duration you might have). I feel like investing in the survival trait's timed cleanses is better than reducing the duration.

But hey, I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to post duration reduction-oriented builds that work well for them.

~ Kovu

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