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[NA] Raid Static LFM committed and experienced raiders


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Hey all! We're a small raiding group of serious and experienced raiders that are committed to building a team to have fun and full clear together without trouble and expect the same from those who are also interested in joining.I alone have full cleared including wing 5 multiple times. However, unfortunately, a few of us have not and I am working on training those who aren't to be able to so we can swift through our weekly full clears smoothly. Depending on how we do on our full clear i may create separate groups for w1-w4 clear and w5 clear group.

Raid Schedule -

Monday (wing 1 - wing 4) 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Tuesday (bosses we didn't clear - wing 5) 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

All times are in PST-8


  • Discord is required, no mic needed.

  • Don't be annoying. Don't be a nuisance especially in voice chat and when we are raiding. If you have a mechanical keyboard please use push-to-talk.

  • Must be willing to receive constructive criticism if any for improvement.

  • Carry your own weight; Must meet average DPS/Boon uptime on all bosses, dps with a class that is within the top 5 dps classes used on the specific boss. (Using https://gw2raidar.com/global_stats)

  • Along with above rule, know the mechanics of your role. (Example: Sabetha dps canons, druid flak/oil kiting etc.) Obvious underperforming from any of the 2 rules above will lead to a removal of the group.

  • Commitment is a Must. If you don't think you belong here, please leave. We have a Check-in rule for the next raid using our roster spreadsheet that you must check-in within 12 hours of start time. Missing 2 weeks of both raid days without a 2-hour notice or being 30 minutes late to a raid will result in removal from static roster. Missing your first raids without a 2-hour notice will also lead to a removal from our roster.

For any questions or more information send me a mail in-game Elusive.4729 or join our Discord

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