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[NA][EST] Exodos [XD] LF 1-2 static raiders


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Our Raid Group Mentality


This raiding group is a mature (18+) North American based guild dedicated to efficient, effective, and reliable raid boss kills. We are a chill relaxed group that want to clear the wings efficiently and have a good time. In order to achieve this everyone pulls their weight and contributes to the group to the best of their ability while having a good time.


A good way to look at us is a group of people experienced enough to clear the raid quickly and effectively meaning sometimes we run strategies that are off meta to ensure one shot pulls (we are not speed running). Everyone in the current roster has cleared all 4 wings and working on Wing 5 progression. That being said many of us are working adults with real life commitments as such many of us want to efficiently do raids and have a good time within the allotted time.

Our Goal


We are looking for 1-2 semi-experienced to veteran raiders to fill out our static raid group as we have lost some due to real life commitments and they no longer have time to consistently raid with us anymore. We have low turn over due to us being working adults and the majority of us have been together for 1-2+ years since the beginning of raids.


Looking For:


In Need:1 Druid preferably as their main (willingness to train or do mechanics such as push orbs on KC, kite oil, dhuum orbs).Multi-classed is welcome ideally one as a support (druid) and dps power/condi if you want to shake things up.1 DPS and preferably have a support class geared such as a healer or chrono off tank.




  • At least 2 classes, full ascended (healer can be mostly ascended), either meta or set up in the simple raid build from metabattle.com (some of our multi classed members use these as to do reliable dps since its not their main class)
  • Know the classes you play including rotation and boss mechanics on that class
  • Know all raid boss fights and mechanics (meaning you watched videos or read guides if you don’t have all 16-17 kills); be ready to kill the raid bosses if you haven’t kill that boss before.
  • Having kill experience on most fights, all fights is a nice plus minus Dhuum
  • Willingness to read guides or watch videos POV of your class if you are not as experienced
  • Be open to suggestions and feedback from your team so we can help each other out
  • Discord, and a microphone
  • Additionally, don’t be a jerk/elitist and have a chill attitude. The mentality of this group is to have a chill attitude trust your team members to execute and have good time, this is a game after all and should be fun!



Our start time is 4:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 Eastern (30 min after reset) Monday and Tuesday for about 2 hrs. Everyone does their best to attend both days consistently so we can clear wings or do progression on Wing 5.


What to Expect


We are relaxed and chill raid group however as stated before we as a group want effective kills so at times I or other members may whisper you to indicate where you can improve your game or give out pointers based on their experiences so we as a group can get better and improve. Please note no one will be called out during raids as we are not that type of group to foster that type of attitude or have that kind of drama. Mistakes happen and when they do I know everyone owns up to their mistake so we can all learn. Raids should be fun and we respect other people’s time, we show up on time get in execute, kill the bosses to the best of our ability and have a good time.


Final Note


New members will undergo a trial raiding period if they synergize with the group and to determine level of experience, skill and mechanic awareness. The trial will be in Wing 5 as we are working on progression for Dhuum. Whether you pass the trial is a group decision / consensus as everyone wants to get along if you become part of our static.Please either send a mail or whisper URUZU.4519, PM or reply to this post so we can chat.

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