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If you are looking for guild or a challeng then come in here and join Ranger Company [RC]


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**About Us

Ranger company [RC] is a newly formed (currently) PvE guild with planned pvp and wvw. We are looking for more friends with diverse backgrounds, time zones, new or experienced that are interested in building a guild/community from the ground up. Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire are NOT required to join but you will enjoy the game better with them. Guild Activities

As we are a level 0 guild our main guild activity is easy difficulty guild mission. If you are wondering about other activities like dungeons, Fractals, meta events, map completion, achievements etc as soon as we get enough members we will start doing them or we may use LFG. There is also a planned expedition to the lost precipice to claim our guild hall as soon as we have enough members. Our time slot for guild missions is UTC 12:00 -01:00 this is temporary and may be changed to accommodate players from other time zones Server/WvW

Current world is [sBI] stormbuff isle but we are accepting people from any servers. Unfortunately it means WvW will NOT be part of our guild activities for now because you have to be on a same server to play WvW together. Communication Tools

Text chat in game will be our primary communication tool.

  • we want to focus communication on text chat which is universally available to everyone,
  • you can enjoy every part of the game without it,
  • and text communication can be easier for someone who learned English as a second language
  • we don't have discord but we will be getting one soon Primary Rules

You are free to do or not to do anything anytime. However you may not break these simple rules.

Everyone has an opinion be respectful of other people's viewsNo religion, politics or other controversial topics on guild chat create a party and use party chat for thatNo racism, sexism and other form of discrimination (zero-tolerance)members are free to join other guilds but please don't neglect us (we get lonely)members are expected to contribute to the guild with donations of materials, gold etc THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY but is appreciated 

For now all major decisions will be made by me but as soon as we get capable officers i will delegate as necessary About Me

I am Danny, your eccentric leader. Call me Danny or whatever you like. I mainly play ranger, necro and mesmer for PvE. My timezone is UTC+1 but i am online on and off during the day and few hours before and after reset (UTC 12:00.)

to join send me a message in game danny.3650 or just post your name here and i will send you an invite in-game

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Hello, Ive played the game but just superficially, i got no idea how or where to do the raids, ive done couple fractals but im not experienced at all, mostly ive played pvp and thats as far as i go, I want to get into a guild so i can explore the other modes the game has to offer and learn abotu fractals and raids and so on :D Could I join?

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