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Current event NPC Peacemaker Ninn not showing up at home instance despite getting email

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@Khailyn.6248 said:I couldn't find him in Divinity's Reach but he was just inside the instance in Hoelbrak.

Thank you very much! (and Inculpatus cedo.9234 too) I checked Hoelbrak and he was there!

I did also just finish the For The Children collection mission to get it done, so I'm not sure if that was what caused him to show or the instance thing but I am happy that this is resolved.

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I recieved the mail on my Sylvari character, but couldn't find Ninn anywhere in Dreamer's Terrace in The Grove (Sylvari Home). Instead I took that same character to the Applied Development Lab in Rata Sum (Asura home) and found Ninn standing just to the right of the gate.

it could just be that certain characters only show up in some racial home instances but not all of them. That or some are just too confusing to navigate.

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