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Fundamental Gameplay and Skill Changes that I'd do with Elementalist


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If I could work on the next Balance Patch, this would be kind of the fundamental Changes which I'd do on the Elementalist

General Changes

  • Attunement System: Changing between Attunement has not an internal Cooldown Time, this will stop instant changing of Attunements. Additionally swapping Attunements, will exhaust Elementalists now for 4 seconds, which is also basically the internal Cooldown Time, so that Eles will have after an Attunement Swap temporarely decreased Endurance Regen.
  • Trident Skills become now Staff Underwater Skills as Tridents will get merged with Staff and share now with each other their Skins
  • New Healing Conjure Skill added "Conjure Ethereal Sword", a Skill which heals you on conjuring the Weapon and with the AA of the Ethereal Sword Attacks, while the usage of this Skill lets other Conjure Skilsl also slightly faster recharge with every successful hit that dealt damage.
  • New Elite Arcane Skill added "Arcane Prism", which temporarely deactivates all your Attunements to perform a prismic beam of all four elements which deals significant dame and causes all targets in line of sight to suffer on Burning, Chill, Weakness and Vulnerability for quite some time. You will be exhausted after this Skill too, but you wil lregain back all your Endurance and lose also up to 4 Conditions. Stun Breaks.
  • New Elite Signet Skill added "Signet of Catastrophes" Passively increases the Efficiency of Burning, Chill, Weakness and Vulnerability Durations by 10%. On activation you cause an instant stronger upgraded Skill Effect based on your Attunement. Fire = Meteor Rain (upgraded version of Meteor Shower), Water = Blizzard (upgraded offensive version of Healing Rain), Air = Thunderstorm (upgraded version of Static Field), Earth = Earthshaker (upgraded version of Earthquake)
  • Attunement Deactivation - Elementalists and Tempests are now able to deactivate Attunements and specialize themself basicalls onto lesser Elements. If you deativate two Attunements, then will be Elementalists and tempests able to use a second Weapon Set to swap between the Weapons. Weapon Sets will be able to be set up with different Attunement Settngs. You can use for example then Weapon Set 1 for Fire and Air, while you set up Weapon Set 2 for Earth and Water. Or in a different way, how you like. Weapon Swapping willl for Eles significantly longer Cooldown times, than for other Classes, to reduce Skill Spam, for the advantage of having now two Weapon Sets you can strategetically play with with two Elements per Set.
  • Magnetic Aura: Effect changed from Reflecting back Projectiles to launch Targets back on Melee Attacks
  • New Aura added: Wind Aura - Reflects back Projectiles and causes nearby enemies to Bleed in your near periodically.
  • Elementals can be now summoned also underwater, due to Elementals having now also Underwater Elemental Creatures that replace the Land Ones when you summon them.Fire = Magma Turtle, Air = Thunder Octopus, Earth = Rock Shark, Water = Ice Manta Ray

Core Skill Changes

  • Fireball: Targets decreased to 2, Damage increased by 20%. Velocity increased by 15%. Can cause now with a chance of 10% for a second Burning to hit Targets, scorching the immediate Area to create for a few seconds a Fire Field, if it happens that Fireball caused Burn to Enemies. Fireball combo finishes now Fire Fields with AoE Might.
  • Burning Retreat: Decreated Recharge Time to 15s. the Line of Fore doesn't cause anymore Burning, therefore you receive now Vigor and cause a delayed AoE Explosion after the backwards evade, which causes Burning then and knocks foes down for a second that get hit by the explosion's shock wave from standing in its epicentrum. Skill gets renamed to Explosive Retreat
  • Meteor Shower: Can't be targeted in WvW anymore onto Tower/Keep Walls thus making defending on there practically impossible.Can deal now as only Skill in WvW directly Damage to Walls, like Siege Weapons. 1 Meteor Shower against a Tower/Keep Wall will deal now basically half as much Damage, as like 1 Catapult Shot of maximum power from a Superior Catapult.
  • Geyser: Decreased Recharge Time to 15s, Duration decreased to 3s. Number of Targets decreased to 3, Range decreased to 900, Healing increased per interval by 33%. Healing Interval decreased to 0,75s
  • Frozen Ground: Decreased Recharge Tiem to 25s
  • Healing Rain: Decreased Recharge Time to 30s, Duration decreased to 5s, Pulses now once per second. Regeneration per Pulse decreased from 3 to 2. Regeneration Duration increased to 5s
  • Chain Lightning: Deals now Vulnerability for each hit target. Deals now increased damage (+25%), if Targets hit by it suffered on Chill before.
  • Lightning Surge: Damage decreased by 20%. Recharge Time reduced to 8s. Blindness exchanged out with Weakness
  • Gust: Recharge Time decreased to 20s Knockback increased to 600 and you gain for a few seconds a Wind Aura, which reflects back projectiles and lets nearby foes bleed.
  • Windborne Speed: Duration reduced to 5s. Swiftness exchanged with Super Speed. Reduced Recharge Time to 20s. Cures not anymore Chilled, but therefore now Fear and Torment.
  • Static Field: Stun Duration Decreased to 1s, Recharge Time decreased to 30s. Damage increased by 25%, Duration increased to 5s. Number of Targets reduced to 5
  • Eruption: Bleeding Stacks decreased to 3, added 3 Stacks of Torment now. Duration decreased to 10s. Radius increased to 360. Leaves now for a few Seconds an Earth Field which can be comboed for AoE Protection by hurling Stonings through it.
  • Magnetic Aura: Launches now attacking foes back instead of reflecting projectiles. A by a Magnetic Aura launched back foe wil lwork liek a projectile, causing damage to other foes in the near into which the launched foe has crashed into.
  • Unsteady Ground: Becomes now Skill on Slot 3, while MA becomes now Slot 4, Decreased Recharge Time to 25s. Renamed Skill to Rock Wall which grants now on activation also Barrier and Aegis, if it blocks off foes successfully.
  • Shockwave: Effect changed from dealign Bleedings and Immobilize to deal Vulnerability and launches foes away by 600 that stood in its way in line of sight.
  • Flamestrike: This Skill has been removed
  • Dragons Tooth: This Skill has been removed
  • Flare: New Skill which replaces Flamestrike. Create at your Target Position a small Orb of Fire, which explodes two seconds later and deals small AoE damage on 240 Radius. Hit targets by the explosion will suffer on Burning. Causes Blindness for a second at the Target Location the moment the bright orb of fire appears like a Flare Light.
  • Incendiary Bonds: New Skill replaces Dragons Torch, Deals Damage and causes after some delay of the damage Burning to up to 5 nearby targets at the position of the foe that got hit earlier by Incendiary Bonds. Gain Might Stacks per foe, that gets burned via that side effect.
  • Shatterstone: This Skill has been removed
  • Blurred Vision: New Skill that replaces Shatterstone: Create a field of mist AoE, in which foes periodically get blinded while they stand in it. Lasts for a Duration of 5 seconds. Can be used as Stealth Combo Field if you Ride the Lightning through it for example, or when using Windborne Speed inside of it for AoE Stealth.
  • Water Trident: Recharge Time reduced to 15s
  • Rock Barrier: Grants you on Activation now Barrier for 5 seconds. Increased Range of Hurl from 900 to 1200 with increased Velocity of 15%
  • Dust Devil: Increased velocity by 33%. This Attack is now unblockable and removes a Boon from hit Targets, ignoring basically Aegis.
  • Dragon's Claw: This Skill has been removed
  • Immolate: New Skill which replaces Dragon's Claw, causing foes on 400 range to suffer on damage and Burning where the damage becomes bigger, so longer the foe suffers on Burning each time you use Immolate on a burnign foe.
  • Drake's Breath: Skill renamed to Breath of Fire, Range increased to 600
  • Cone of Cold: Skill renamed to Breath of Cold, Range increased to 600, Recharge Time decreased to 8s, Healing lowered by 20%
  • Frost Aura: Recharge Time decreased to 20s
  • Lightning Whip: This Skill has been removed
  • Shell Shock: New Skill which replaces Lightning Whip, which deals up to 3 targets two times damage on 300 range, but lesser Damage than LW, but causes therefore Vulnerability per Hit.
  • Shocking Aura and Ride the Lightning: Switch each other Skill Slot and Recharge Times out, so that the Aura is now on 4 with 30s Recharge Time and Ride is on 3 with 25s Recharge now
  • Updraft: Recharge Time reduced to 30s
  • Magnetic Grasp: Effect changed to Pulls Target Enemy to you now and causes Target to suffer on Slow for a few seconds after . Magnetic Leap removed
  • Earthquake: radius increased to 360. Number of Targets increased to 10. Knockdown decreased to 1s. Damage increased by 25%
  • Flamewall: Recharge Time decreased to 10s. Duration reduced to 4s.
  • Flame Shield: Skill renamed to Flame Aura. Recharge Time reduced to 20s
  • Freezing Gust: Chill changed into a unique Freeze Effect, that works basically like a 2s Immobilize, after which you suffer on Chill, once the Freeze is over for 2s. Recharge Time reduced to 20s
  • Comet: This Skill has been removed
  • Winter's Embrace: New Skill which replaces Comet. Deal damage to foes and cause Chill for 4 seconds, 3 seconds later, the foe wil you lsuffer again damage and get knocked down, if by this time Chill hasn't been cured before.
  • Swirling Winds: Recharge Time reduced to 25s
  • Gale: This Skill has been removed
  • Shock Arrow: New Skill, you will shoot out an unblockable arrow of lightning, which strips up to 2 Boons. Grants you Fury and Retaliation for a few seconds. 25s recharge.
  • Obsidian Flesh: Recharge Time reduced to 40s
  • Ether Renewal: Skill Activation reduced to 1,5s, Recharge Time increased to 20s. Each interval happens now every 0,75s. Ether renewal can be used now also underwater
  • Arcane Power: Recharge Time reduced to 30s. Lowered the Ferocity Bonus per Stack by 30%
  • Arcane Shield: Recharge Time reduced to 30s, Blocks now maximum only 2 Attacks and explodes at the second Attack
  • Arcane Wave: Grants now Allies in its area of Effect Endurance back
  • Armor of Earth: Recharge Time reduced to 40s
  • Cleansing Fire: Doesn't cure anymore any 3 Conditions, Cleanses now only Burning, Torment and Confusion. Deals now increased Damage for any of these 3 Conditions being cleansed by +33% damage for every of these 3 Conditionds removed. Causing Burning removed. Its now a direct damage skill and no Condition Damage Skill anymore.
  • Lightning Flash: This Skill has been removed
  • Mist Form: This Skill has been removed
  • Ward against Melee: New Cantrip Skill, creates a Ground Target Area Effect over Time, which Slows foes inside of it, while Allies receive periodically Aegis inside of it.
  • Ward against Harm: New Cantrip Skill: creates a Ground Target Area Effect over time, where Allies in it gain periodically Regeneration and foes suffer on Weakness.
  • Conjure Skills: All Conjure Skills can be used now under water, the Environmental Weapon will float now in an Air Bubble to be taken by you or an Ally.
  • Conjure Earth Shield: becomes underwater into Conjure Earth Spear with accordingly changed Skills that suit to underwater Combat for it.
  • Conjure Flame Axe: becomes underwater into Conjure Magma Axe with fittign changed skilsl for Underwater Combat
  • Conjure Frostbow: becomes underwater into Conjure Ice Harpoon with changed skills for Underwater Combat.
  • Conjure Lightning Hammer becomes underwater into Conjure Lightning Trident with changed skills for underwater Combat.
  • Glyphs can now be used all underwater, Lesser Elementals gets its new underwater Elementals, Storms will simply function now also underwater through replaced Underwater Skills which simulate Storm Effects basically, like Fire Storm becoming simply Steam...
  • Conjure Fiery Greatsword: Now useable under water. Becomes there Conjure Fiery Glaive with fitting skills for Underwater Combat...

Tempest Skill Changes

  • Heat Sync: Decrease recharge Time to 25s. Lower Damage by 20%
  • Wildfire: Lower Damage by 20%
  • Tidal Surge: Decrease Recharge Time to 30, Lower Damage by 20%, Remove the Healing , and replace it with Removes Burning, Confusion and Torment on Allies in its path.
  • Cyclone: Add bleeding to it for each number of impact
  • Lightning Orb: Increase Velocity and Damage by 25% and decrease the Launch Interval to 1/8s. Increase recharge Tiem to 30s. Increase Cast time to 1,5s
  • Sand Squall: Replace Protection with Barrier Effect, Reduce Recharge Time to 25s. Remove Gain Magnetic Aura. You gain instead Retaliation.
  • Flash-Freeze: Exchange out Chill with Freeze, the Elementalists unique form of immobilize that ends in Chill after Freeze is over.
  • Rebound: This Skill has been removed
  • "Master of Magic!": New Elite Skill which replaces Rebound, granting to you and up to nearby 5 allies for the duration of this skilsl effect each time Endurance back, whenever you use a Skill, gain a Boon based on your Attunement and helps on recharging Healing Skills of you and your Allies by a second each time you use a skill in that time.

This plan has been made with the goal to basically strengthen Core Ele and to balance Tempest, so that it becomes more equal to the Core Elementalist and with the basic idea of changing the skills so, that they would make simply after the change more fun to use, despite being among these ideas buffs as like also nerfs.Simply giving the Class also more Build Diversity due to removing silly underwater restrictions, which will be essential, should we ever get to see an Underwater Expansion, then I think its very important to think about it, how all these Skills can get fixed - this is basically my approach here for the Elementalist, which luckily hasn't this much restricted Skills, which don't work underwater and are based mostly only on 2 problematic skill types, - glyphs and conjures, which can easily be fixed like you can see in my proposals here.

I'd like to hear from you constructively, if there are some ideas among these changes which you like, as also the ones, which you don't like, because especially those which you don't like would I try to improve then ;)So lets see what happens :D

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I personally appreciate your effort but it's a lot of information! Is this pvp or wvw changes? There is big difference between how ele pvp main would look at this and how pve main. At first glance:

  • Gale is one of the best cc's we have in pvp...it's important in many builds...your alternative is simply not good enough to replace UNBLOCABLE RANGED CC.
  • Confused about Magnetic Aura change...ele's projectile hate is only thing that is better than any other class in pvp...specially now with so many pew pew builds.
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This is mostly made in mind with PvE/WvW, if this helps ;)To answer your two points:

  • Gale: I think Shock Arrow as replacement for Gale will outweight with its effect that is useful as offensive group support the boring effect of Gale, which is just only a 900 ranged unblockable overpowered knockdown (4s!!) With my proposed Shock Arrow would you gain instead a ranged Boon Removal Skill (-2 Boons), which is like Gale also unblockable too, but grants you therefore instead of the overpowred knockdown instead also self 2 offensive Boons with Fury and Retaliation.Except of Knowndown does Gale nothing at all, it doesn't even deal damage. Shock Arrow would deal Damage and that on 15 seconds faster Recharge Time than you can use Gale. Gale is just such a typical boring fire and forget skill for its too powerful knockdown effect in my opinion, this I why I think its best to remove this skill and replace it better with a more offensively group support orientated skill with smaller Recharge Time, that is useable due to this more oftenly.This is important for an action orientated combat system, that skills have not way too long recharge times...

  • Magnetic Aura: The Effect itself hasn't been removed... it has been given only to a new Aura type, which I think is missing with a "Wind Aura" that takes over reflecting back projectiles from the old Magntic Aura with some additional Bleedign Effect for staying too close to you, because to me it makes more sense with an Magnetic Aura to repel melee attacks and thus turn with it your enemies into projectiles.Something very interesting and fun as gameplay aspect, if you ask me. ANet should make more usage of that, instead of letting this have only Berserkers.It would be sad, if only 1 Spec of a Class in the whole game could make usage of this fun gameplay mechanic of turning foes into projectiles themself, when it would make so much more sense to do the same as an Elementalist too with an Magnetic Aura, that repels the incoming melee attacks and launches this way attacking foes away from you which weren't cautious enough to attack you not at the wrong moment. ;)

Edited for better understanding, removal of typos and spelling reasons ;)

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It's hard to read through all of that and think about every situation where every skill is used, so I'm not going to comment line by line. However, here are a few things that caught my eye.

Getting rid of Dragon's tooth - Agree with you on this one. I never use that skill after the wall nerf, way back. Make it go away.

Making meteor shower not target wall in WvW? Other skills on other classes can target the edge at the top of a wall. If you're thinking about ele's and arrow cart placement then be aware necros and rangers also have weapon skills that can hit the same arrow carts (possibly engi, too, but I don't have enough experience on that class to know for certain). Removing this would be yet another nail on the coffin for WvW ele's.

Please don't replace trident skills with staff. I have learned my underwater skills, and actually have fun with them.

On a similar note, please don't replace trident skins with staff. I have Kraitkin, and it's awesome.

In particular the following cause me anxiety even thinking about it (these changes would cause me to retire my ele's):

  • Please for goodness sakes, don't don't swap ride the lightning with shocking aura in skill location. For many ele builds, especially in competitive game-play, movement is a key to survival. Ride the lightning works very nicely with updraft for movement in a knife fight. Not only is it convenient to have the two skills right next to each other on the keyboard, but you would completely lose this movement combination on weavers that use off-hand dagger.
  • Lightening flash: Once you learn to use this skill, you don't want to live without it. It's a lifesaver in a fight.
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Your ideas sound interesting, would give elementalists a way greater opportunity to play other builds. However from my point of view there has to be dedicated damage dealing class and your ideas seem to be more or less a "downgrade" regarding that.In addition to that, it would make the class more complex than other classes and this is not what ArenaNet is aiming for to my believe.

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Yeah, its quitwe some text heeh ^^, but better quite some text in 1 big post, than quite soem text spread over multiple posts that can get distorted by answers in between from other people I do say always :D

@TibitiaFirst off, I'd want to change the other Classes that can currently reach with specific Skilsl the top of tower and kep walls to become also not able anymore to do this. No Class should be able, except maybe classes that can get up to 1500 range with builds to shoot from below with DOT AoE skills as big as the WHOLE WALL and basicalyl completelxy make it with these skilsl impossible to defend from a wall, because the very moment you try, you get bursted to death from all this AoE/DoT spam.. and the Ele has the most powerful DoT aoEs of all Classes with Meteor Shower ..Defenders of Towers and Keeps need to have on their Walls a HOME ADVANTAGE... Conquesting locations in WvW must become more difficult again, so that defendign places isn#t just only a matter of ,who brings the larger zerg.... also smaller groups shoudl be able to effectfulyl defend their places with the help of their home advantag on walls against larger groups, if they make good strategetical usage of their siege weapons and defensive options. but that is not possible, as long just only a bunch of eles and necros and engineers and mesmers can spam the defenders on the walls within 2 seconds with so much aoe crap full, that it becomes instantly impossible to dso anythign on them at all ,if you dont want to die instantly.. this ois way too long overdue to get fixed.. but who am I kidding, we speak of Wvw at the moment, the most ignored and abandonded game mode of all of them ...that has not seen any real support anymore since 2014, because since that year Anet was basically on their crusade for E-Sports, which we all knew from begin on, that it will be a crusage by Anet, that they can only lose - and they lost it , like we always have said it to them, the very moment the ESL ditched them out... - however, different topic ^^

The Elementalists's main Job in WvW should it be to support their side in destroying walls, gates, enemy siege.. that should be the strenths of an ele, not killing helpless defenders from the top of the walls that are way too small to give them any advantage over the attackers and the silly cannons, mortars ect. making the playrs which use them in that time not immune to damage, until the siege gets destroyed, what would make more sense, so that the player can fully concentrate himself onto defending, and not having too worry about beign Aoed to death within seconds, before the cannons didn't get destroyed first, thats why I changed Meteor Shower for WvW, and gave it there the special ability, that this skill is then able to damage also walls, because if now a catapult hits a walls, or a massive summoned METEOR!! surely, should make now absolutely no difference to the wall.. both should deal significant damage to the wall. surely not as miuch as like a superior catapult, but at least enough to consider a staff ele a viable support to speed up the destruction of a wall, especially when you are about to expect that your siege gets eventually destroyed or disabled, so that you can at least slowly continue damaging the walls with your eles, if you can protect them good enough to give them the tiem to do so..until people have runned for supply to build new siege if neccessary.

About your trident concerns in regard of my proposals..I want to merge Trident and Staff.. yes, but that doesn#t mean that you will lose then your Trident Skins, or that you would lose your Trident Skilsl with Staff under water.No, the SKills would stay exactly the same and you would naturally also keep all of your Trident Skins.The only two differences that would exist then after my proposed changrs would be:1) You could wield then on land Staffs with all of your collected Trident Skins.. ion fact its even already so that there exist alot of Skins which are the same between Staff and Trident!! (this goes for Rifle and Harpoon Gun as well, which is another sign for it, that these two weapon types belong to be merged as well and how obsolete Tridents and Harpoon Guns in this game are)2) The UI would get changed, that you see not anymore under your underwaterweapons Trident in that Weapon Slot, but instead there woudl stand now Staff and basically.So in the end you would have with your Ele a Staff, with that you use like now underwater the Trident Skills that you know, due to Staff becomign then basicalyl a Hybrid Weapon with 2 Skills Sets - for Land Combat 1 (for those classes that can wield them on land) and for Underwater Combat an own different 1So your Kraitkin Skin would be after the Cancen ot be anymore officially a Trident Skin , but instead it woudl count after the Change further as a Staff Skin. So no reason to worry about losign anythign her,e you won't lose nothing..its just only a matter of puttign both thigns together and making 1 thing out of it.

The Skill Slot Swaps do I suggest only, because it looks mostly always this way, as if anet would align the skilsl on the Weapon Skil lbar from left to right after the duration of Recharge Times, with the skilsl with the longest Recharge Times lways beign on Slot 5. Due to my balance changes switchign out the Recharge Times of Ride the Lightning and and that other Skill with each other, i did though it would make sense then also by Anets schem of from left to right with the Recharge Numbers to turn their Skil lSlots as well, so that both skilsl fit again to that scheme that they are then again aligned from skil lwith lowest CD to the right with the highest CD.However, in the end I think it should be made possible, on the options menu anyway that players shoudl be able to freely decide, which weapon skills they want to have on which slot, so that if you think, you can play better with these two skills staying on their original slot places, that you should have then the option to switch the slots positions for the skilsl out as you like. You know, maybe there do exist people, which woudl love to have maybe the auto attack on Slot 5instead of 1, basically reversing the complete order.. who knows.. but having more options is always go. The UI of GW2 has have been from begin on always way too static, unlike GW1 where you were able to decide alot more over the UI.

Lighning Flash is like Gale in my opinion a very borign fire and forget skill, one that maybe is good as a gap closer, or to flee.. but its a very selfish skill and with my changes I wanted to make sure, that too selfish skilsl get removed if possible and replaced with better ones that help increasign the Group Support, because in the end the Elementalist has always been a very supportive class and should stay at that also as one of its design focuses. There have imo too selfish designed skilsl no place and teleportation in any kind of way that looks too similar to a shadow step of a Thief also doesn't fit in my opinion to an Elementalist. As a compensation for the removal of Lightnign Flash it would fit to improve Ride the Lightning if neccessary, woudl fit better to the Elementalist instead of instant teleportations ...

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my ideas sems to be a "Downgrade" of DPS? Sorry, but this I don#t understand now, plesase explain. I know, its a really big change list, but have you yet read all of the poroposed changes? Even a fast overlooking of this list only shoudl make clear to you, that I'Äm surely not wanting to massively reduce the DPS of this Class and change it from a hifh DPS class to a low DPS one with only focus on support. Now.Yes, there are a very few skilsl where i reduced the damge output, but maijnly only on a very fw tempest SKills to remove a bit of the E Spec Power Creep from the Tempest, while I greatly imprved mainly only the core Elementalist Skills and increased maybe here and there some core skills in damage, but I ratgher tried to concentrate myself also more into reducing inappropriate high Recharge Times, instead of raisign everywhere only the damage numbers, because then I absolutely wouldnt be better, than Anet and woudl do basicalyl only the same change,s that Anet did for the last 3 years of always raising the damage nunmbers only higher and higher ands higher, which is the reason why we have now this dilemma of these power creep E Specs like Scourge, Mirage and Firebrand ruining the game, due to way too much DPS being everywhere in the game lately

From all of the mentioned changes in that list, a total of 70 , i have made within this total of 70 skill changes (more if you add general ones also too) only just 5 changes, in which I increased the damage, all other changes either changed general effects, recharge times, range, added boons/conditions or removed them, but I increased direct damage from skills only 5 times. All 4 Skills from Core Ele, 1 from Tempest. This should show, that I really tried my best here to make Core Ele and tempest more equal.Personally I cant say much yet about Weaver.. haven#t played it yet to make it part of my thoughts for improval ^^ which is why I excluded it out of the list and focused myself first only on Core and Tempest.

Can you give me soem exampels, where you think my changes woudl make the Class more complex?? ^^ Thx

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Attunement System: Changing between Attunement has not an internal Cooldown Time, this will stop instant changing of Attunements. Additionally swapping Attunements, will exhaust Elementalists now for 4 seconds, which is also basically the internal Cooldown Time, so that Eles will have after an Attunement Swap temporarely decreased Endurance RegenYou cannot cut down baseline endurance regeneration. Elelemtalist does not only have only two dodges, furthermore regarding current rotation guides, would mean that at some point you aren't able to swap attunements anymore and do your rotation properly, due to a lack of endurance (which seems to be mandatory to swap attunements as i understood from this confusing part).

Fireball: Targets decreased to 2, Damage increased by 20%. Velocity increased by 15%. Can cause now with a chance of 10% for a second Burning to hit Targets, scorching the immediate Area to create for a few seconds a Fire Field, if it happens that Fireball caused Burn to Enemies. Fireball combo finishes now Fire Fields with AoE Might.Elementalist is not, compared to other classes, an aa spam class. Even if this would make it any more attractive to use aa's only, it is very reversed of what elementalist should be like. The diversity of skills - the opportunity to cast different things, is what makes elementalists in particular very interesting to play.

Shell Shock: New Skill which replaces Lightning Whip, which deals up to 3 targets two times damage on 300 range, but lesser Damage than LW, but causes therefore Vulnerability per Hit.I see no use for using a dagger besides playing d/wh on tempest which gives vulnerability on overload.

Wildfire: Lower Damage by 20%Just saw that this... would make d/wh stupidly low on damage.

My ideas sems to be a "Downgrade" of DPS? Sorry, but this I don#t understand now, plesase explain. I know, its a really big change list, but have you yet read all of the poroposed changes? Even a fast overlooking of this list only shoudl make clear to you, that I'Äm surely not wanting to massively reduce the DPS of this Class and change it from a hifh DPS class to a low DPS one with only focus on support. Now.This plan has been made with the goal to basically strengthen Core Ele and to balance Tempest, so that it becomes more equal to the Core ElementalistI see where you are aiming, however weaver is stupidly overpowered compared to what you suggest. Either you balance everything with your attempt or you leave it in it's current position.

Yes, there are a very few skilsl where i reduced the damge output... in fact more than the skills where you add dps

Personally I cant say much yet about Weaver.In a nutshell: You suggest, that a dead class gets somewhat more interesting and attractive by changing the specializations and giving it here and there a bit more potential roles. You suggest a general lower dps output (on tempest) which is in my opinion just not right, because tempest is still used in dungeons. In addition to that, the past has shown that "a lot of the intended and added features of a specialization" aren't used at all.

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I didn't answer here because it's just way too many changes at the same time, revamping a class on that scale should never be done unless a class is completely broken in one way or another. Changes of that scale are basically impossible to organise into something balanced. Which is why most new elite specs are flawed on release, it's not because ArenaNet can't do better but rather because it is impossible to consider everything with that much information. You have probably had that feeling yourself while writing your initial post, you've probably felt overwhelmed with your own information at some point.

What I can say is that you've obviously spent a lot of effort to come up with all that and there are some interesting ideas and perspectives but overall I'd say it's better to focus on small scale adjustments to bring Ele into a better place - like my not so well received proposed Meteor Shower change. Or you could write a concept for a hypothetical new Elite Spec.

On top of that a lot of your suggestions are (or seem to be) heavily based on your own personal preference of what you'd like Ele to be while not taking other peoples or even popular builds into consideration - which is something you should try to keep an eye on ;)

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@"Lina vom Eisgletscher.8397"You forget, that Tempests as Elite Specializations will immediately profit also as well from all changes done to the Core Class, because they can use the same weapons and utility skill as like the Core Elementalist. So I see absolutely no problem with if, if a few Tempest Skills get some lower Damage, if now reduced by 20% or 15% or 10% can be argued over ;), numbers ared too fixated here. Theyare only a guiding line to express like you say, into which direction I try to aim with my changes.Tempest (as like Weaver, and in regard of this all other Specs too) need to get their DPS slightly reduced, whiel the DPS of the Core Classes needs to get closer again to the DPS of the E-Specs. The gaps of efficiency between Core Classes and their Specs have become extremly big ove the last 2 expansions, because of anet using way too much power creep to sell this way better their expansions...I guess you can agree with me on this, or??

In a nutshell I would describe my changes here with this:

I suggest, that the Core Elementalist gets their Skilsl in such a way reowrked, that as a result of the changes the class will have in return for too selfish skills more either direct or indirect group support, with skills that have too long cooldowns for an action orientated combat system being reduced to a more logical number that is between max 25 to 50 seconds for the Elementalist, they shouldnt have any Skilsl, except Elite Skill maybe, which should have longer Recharge Times than 25-50s max.Elementalists shouldnt be able to instant switch between attunements..having to change between an attunement and having actively more skills in combat, should be tied to having to strategetically use the Attunements and be for slightly longer times in one attunement, before you are able to swap already again.In my opinion Eles can swap too fast between attunements, withotu that their is some kind of regulation..Even Thieves get their Stealths regulated with Reveal and their Endurance Gain reguated now on Dash with Exhaustion, so i thought it woudl be only right and balanced, if as liek Eles were already designed this way in GW1 to have Exhasution, that was back then part of their class design, that if the class does something tiring, as like changign attunements, that this should lead to exhaustion.Bakcin GW1 it was so, that the most powerful Elementalist Skisl cause the Elementalist all to suffer on Exhaustion, which reduces their maximum energy ressource slowly more and more, until you became not able to cast the more powerful skills, until you let some time pass, so that your Exhasution could slowly expire. This was kind of my inspiration for bringing back Exhaustion for the Ele as a regulator on Attunement Swapping, so that Eles don't switch too fastly between Attunements in combat, if they don't want to suffer on a too long Endurance Regen Reduction.I removed also like I did with my Thief Counterpart Thread to remove stupid limitations like skills beign not able to use underwater, bringign more build diversity to the class and making underwater combat again more fun, due to having there then more skill options, than before to use, as thats one of the longest silly skill missdesigns that this Game still has sicne release, that are overdue to be finally removed for all classes .

But in short, yes, I also tried naturally to change the Skilsl, to make them essentially more interestign and fun to use also too, I guess, thats somethign that we all want to do , if we make suggestions liek this ^^ This is our basic goal and intention always in our mind ;)This includes naturally also improving "roles" for the classes, somethign that I have personalyl the impression, has anet forgotten to do in the last years in their everlasting crusade of skill and trait changes they did, while basically ignorign all the rest of this games great combat system to get adapted to all the skil land trait changes of the last years. Which is why I want for example Eles Meteor Shower to affect rather WvW Walls, instead of being the overpowered "make tower wall defending impossible-skill", that it has been since 2012 ... to change their role to what an Elementalist should be in WvW - an offensive supporter, which can help in destroying walls, when you'r about to run out of supply or have to run for more - Mobile Siege so to say, but just weaker than actual real siege catapults, so that those don't lose their reason of existance and still will be used, for situations, where thigns must goal real quick and you have way than enough supply to builds a whole row of catas to burst down a wall in no matter of time xD

@"TwilightSoul.9048"Thx, I'll appreciate this answer as well, even if you didn't commented on my ideas. You said something, whre I've to agree, as far as much as I like postign concept threads, and doing brainstorming so ver stuff liek this, it can sometimes quite feel even overwhelming to myself, once I''m done with writing and just let the whole thing impact upon myself, like trying to read it like a "normal" reader and not like the person, who actually has written it and has as th writer a different view on it, while being at writing the thread :DAnd you are very right with it, that you can write down as much as you like, you wil never be able to consider absolutely every single detail into one single thread, that is basicalyl anyways only focused on 1 class, when in fact you need in the end still to consider all classes.. but in fact i just wanted anyways only the opinion from Ele Mains here, if something good is under this list of changes, of if they end up saying all, scrap all of this and get back to the drawingboard basically and begin with it from scratch ^^But if there is even one thing, that many people among Main Eles like, then I think I have reached my goal, if I could find somethign, with that many peopel agree with, then i think this is also worth something, if not even worth more, than the whole concept of ideas together, even if 99% of it won't ever find into the game.If I instead then was able to find that 1 idea, that moved alot of players to like it , then I'll be happy as well ^^

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