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Regarding condi specific duration traits and Revenant/Renegade.


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Something has always irked me a bit when theory-crafting builds for Revenant/Renegade and min-maxing stats and it is the duration you get for specific conditions, IE:

  • Venom Enhancement (50% duration on poison), largely overcapped/wasted.
  • Yearning Empowerment (20% duration on torment), maybe what all condi duration traits for revenant should be balanced to.
  • Blood Fury (25% duration on bleeding), another odd one.

And then we have:

  • Superior Sigil of Smoldering (20% on burning, generally preferred choice in PvE).

Gear wise we would waste less stats and be able to make slightly more optimal builds if all these traits shared a common number (balancing whatever else needs to be balanced after changes). Having different durations across all traits makes it so you always waste stats overcapping certain durations (like bleeding and poison) in favor of more abundant ones that also happen to be the main sources of damage (torment, burning).

It would follow the scheme condi classes like engi (33% bleeding, 33% burning), warrior (33% bleeding, 33% burning) and ele (20% bleeding, 20% burning) have regarding the conditions that act as their main source of damage for condi builds. Ideally I would like to see similar "symmetry" on other classes but I am only familiar with the ones I mentioned so far.

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