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Elite Idea: Scion


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An idea for a dynamic spec.

Weapon: 1h Sword

  • Auto chain is fast multiple flurries that inflict vuln for first 2, last attack is a thrust grants life force
  • 2 A quick dual strike that grants life force

  • 3 Charge your blade and plunge forward through foes

Mechanic: Manifest life force as 3 conjures instead of shroud that consume life force to activate. 20s life span.

Conjure #1 Scion’s Blades (25 cd, 25% life force, dual swords)

  • Auto chain basic slashes for high damage, increases based on lower enemy hp
  • 2 A short range dash with low cooldown, returns life force on hitting an enemy

  • 3 A furious channelled attack that bleeds enemies, vulnerable foes bleed more

  • 4 Stab ground to corrupt it, causes bleeding and poison on bleeding foes

  • 5 Single target high damage execution

Conjure #2 Scion’s Bow (40 cd, 33% life force, 900 range)

  • Auto attacks inflict poison
  • 2 A dual shot that inflicts poison and bleeding

  • 3 A volley in a small area that inflicts bleeding

  • 4 A channelled attack that deals huge amounts of bleed in a small radius in front of you

  • 5 A powered, unlockable attack that inflicts long daze

Conjure #3 Scion’s Shield (60 cd, 50% life force, also breaks stun)

  • Auto chain are powerful bashes, last hit inflicts weakness
  • 2 A powered up bash that inflicts vulnerability and briefly dazes

  • 3 Block the next attack, strike and return life force on black / Throw shield in a piercing line to inflict vuln

  • 4 Channel life force to cure conditions on yourself, remove boons on nearby foes for each condition removed

  • 5 Grant brief pulsing stability and protection to yourself.

Utilities: Orders, 5 man wide unique offensive buffs with a radius of 600

  • Order of Vampirism: You and allies steal health with your next 3 attacks. Gain life force for each every time this procs. If all three hit lose a condition
  • Order of Pain: Bleed yourself. Allies deal +XX% damage with their next 5 attacks. Successful attacks grant might
  • Order of Dark Fury: You and nearby allies gain a pulsing low damage AoE attack. 1st pulse grants grants fury to allies, 2nd inflicts large vulnerability on enemies and final pulse grants both
  • Order of Corruption: You and nearby allies remove boons with your next 3 attacks. Inflict bleeding and poison with each attack as well
  • Elite – Altar of Blood: Summon a sacrificial altar that charges up, 3 levels, as you and you allies damage foes within it. After each pulse completes it grants alacrity to nearby allies. Once fully charged you can explode the altar for large damage


Major Traits:


  • Critical hits inflict vulnerability. Vulnerability you apply lasts longer
  • Using an order skill grants might and fury to nearby allies
  • Sword attacks and Scion conjure attacks inflict bleeding


  • Sword skills gain reduced recharge, gain power and precision whilst wielding a sword
  • Using an order skills briefly grants you an aura that improves allies power, condition damage and ferocity
  • Critical hits vs bleeding foes inflict more bleeding and poison (5 sec icd). Whilst under the effects of fury your bleeds last longer.

Grand Master

  • Critical hits using a sword reduces conjures recharge time. Critical hits grant you a stacking ferocity buff
  • Order skills inflict 1 more stack of bleeding, every time a charge of an order skill is consumed it grants that ally 1s of alacrity. Successfully using Altar’s charged attack also grants alacrity
  • Critical hits on enemies over the bleed threshold inflict sever bleeding (3 sec icd). Gain 5% condition damage from power and precision. This doubles when using a conjure.

Minor traits:

  • Access to the class
  • Gain fury when striking bleeding foes
  • Gain power, condition damage and ferocity whilst wielding a Scion conjure
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The idea isn't bad in itself but terribly inadapted to go along with the core traits and defensive abilities of the necromancer.The whole defense of the necromancer replaced by a single block gated behind a 60 seconds cool down and 50% life force... tsssk it make me laugh so hard that I had to reply on the forum...

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