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newish player-what is the current meta? what classes are used for what


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so quick backstory...my significant other got my into gws and it seemed to be a pattern everytime an expansion came out, this is not a bad thing but, I have many gaps because...the person I play with has played for years so wnated to get to new content, so we made max levels, in HoT and current expansion, but now I feel a HUGE disconnect because there are these new stories which I do not understand, I do not really feel an "attachment to my character (does this make sense?) and I feel lost as to what to do.I want to know, what classes do what currently, I like to know what "uses" I can have so to say, in pvp,wvw, raids, etc because I want to create a lvl 1 and understand the story, my skills , and have a purpose so to say.I enjoy story,competitive play, raids but I am not really in a guild or anythingwhen I play the game I sorta feel an "us" and "them" vibe, i feel its hard to find people to talk to or know what I am doing.also, I am not the glass canon type, I like dps,utility, support classes so I wouldnt be one to play an ele for example most likely. Any advice would be appreciated

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2 heal+buffing druids, 2 tank+buffing chronomancers, 1 banner+buffs warrior, and 5 dps is the general raid meta currently. The warrior is expected to still do moderate dps, while the druids and chronos get to focus pretty much solely on fight mechanics and support. So if you want to take on a bulkier support role in raids rather than glass cannon dps, go with either of those.

From a PvP perspective, I've heard good things about druid's ability to sit on points and stall out or even eventually kill almost anyone else. Scourge as well for a stronger offensive option that provides group shields too.

As for what you can feel connected to, that's a matter of trial and error. Maybe it's one of the race's personal storylines. Maybe it's a specific spec whose rotation just clicks for you. Maybe one of your characters will have the exact type of class fantasy you're looking for. Maybe it'll be the feeling of overcoming mordremoth's corrupting influence as a plant person. Maybe it'll be the first character you break into a new PvP rank with.

On a related note, customizing your fashion is the epitome of g2 endgame. Spend gold on those fancy dyes, mix and match armor sets, buy those cool outfits. Molding your character into the exact image you have in your head is a great way to step into their shoes (haha fashion joke). Also I've found that joining a guild and interacting with others in the guild the way your character helps too.

My thief who I've mained for over 4 years now has one great joy in her life. To hit things. ALL the things. And ever since she could be daredevil, if any of those things hit back she can just hop hop hop... hop hop... wait for it, still more evades.. hop hop.. hop away. She's still on chapter 1 of her personal story, minimal living world, HoT, or PoF stories too, but my only toon decked out in full ascended with 100 fractal and any decent amount of raid experience. I boosted a ranger to 80 last week and he's already ahead of my thief's HoT progression and tied in PoF. But whenever there's some evil that needs to be beat, I'll pull out my favorite bunny and her whacking stick. (She also sometimes likes to pretend that she's a fiery angel of death with her molten destroyer scythe, lunatic guard outfit, and wings. It still hits stuff so I let her get away with it).

Hopefully I didn't start to sound too insane there, I'm going on hour 28 with no sleep. Best of luck finding out what clicks for you!

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