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Revert to Original Small Text Font on Login Screen, and Now Trading Post Listings, Please.

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The microscopic new font on the Black Lion Trading Post is horribly tiny to read, and I am on a 27" screen! First I thought it was a bug when you 'renewed' the PoF login box interface, but now that I have to see this horrible, tiny little illegible font daily, I can no longer stand by idly and let it pass. Kindly revert the font to what it was, please. The new sans serif microscopic font is not only illegible, it is out of synch with the beauty of Guild Wars 2!

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Tried the instructions both under 'Repair' and 'Troubleshoot Trading Post' to no avail. Helllp! Also, odd things happen when I change screen settings between fullscreen and windowed: the camera gets glued to the character and whirls on the character's axis, not permitting any orientation whatsoever. Was forced to AFK a PvP match.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Do you mean the issue was still present after -repairing the client and/or clearing the GW2 cache


, or do you mean the instructions did not repair the client or clear the cache?Yes, the instructions for the Mac did nothing to repair the cache. I got an error message after pasting the command from the repair page

/Applications/Guild\ Wars\ 2\ 64-bit.app/Contents/MacOS/GuildWars2 -repair

into the Terminal window.

Tried changing your screen resolution?I was at lowest. Will go up an down in resolution till and if that DPI resolution tickbox appears.

In-gameNo, will try.

or with your OS or monitor?

Also no, will try. Hmm. This in particular may save a lot of heartache, thank you.

Did you submit a Support Ticket?No, I did not. You are doing such an excellent and exact job that I am afraid to reopen another series of Q&A with another person. Or wait, I could give them this thread.What did the CS Team have to say?That remains to be seen.

I am so happy with the patience, accuracy and diligence you are replying me with that I have the urge to gift you.

You are doing beautifully, I much appreciate it. Also, the beautiful single quotation marks 'such as these' , a classic nowadays, have not gone unnoticed.

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