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[FUN] looking for more players for Raids, inexperienced players welcome!


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Hello![FUN] is a relatively new guild , and we´re starting our first attempts at raids. We are still accepting at least 4 more players. Any class is welcome if you have the right build, but we might not be able to fit you into both groups.One group will raid on Saturday 3-5 pm UTC+0 and one group on Saturday 8-10 pm UTC+0For now, we will only train; there are no guaranteed kills!We will start raid training on february and probably start actual raid runs in march (depending on how good everyone is)For training, please come in the correct , full exotic gear; For the actual raids, any ascended piece you have will be helpful; if you have none at all (or only 1-2) you will not be allowed to join us until you have enough (the definition of enough would be ascended weapons, rings, amulets, but not neccessarily armor)If you have trouble finding the correct build, crafting your armor etc. the more experienced members of our guild will help you :)We will also explain the mechanics of the current raid in every training if new people join, so if you´re a little late, and february is almost over, you can still give it a try!

For more information on the correct build, requirements, etc. just whisper me ingame or write me a letter. Messages in the forum are alright too, but i will not check those as regularly.

Have a good day !

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