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Mac muli-screen issues


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Just wanted to share that the Mac client has some weird display issues on my Macbook Pro with retina screen.

I play in Window mode and moving it from screen to screen can cause it to shift and get lost. (I had to delete and re-install from backup to find my window again.)

Also, when I click off the window when it is on the retina screen, I get this odd quarter screen view.


Is anyone else seeing these issues?

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I have that too, while moving from a retina to non-retina displays. Moving from non-retina to retina: window becomes 1x5 pixels small. Moving from retina to non-retina: Window becomes very large: double the width of original retina display. The is the the dragging itself while holding on to the window title bar. Workaround is to move the window as fast as possible so it wouldn't resize that much.

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