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(EU Only) [IRON] Iron Legions // fresh new created guild is looking for members!


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hey yo yall!today a friend and i created a brand new guild and now we are looking for active playing members, doesn't matter if you are new to the game or not. Everybody that is interested in joining a guild which its adventure just started is welcomed! Make sure that we are now setting up everything and some things may be under construction and such. But if you're patient enough, you'll see that we will grow up time by time. Right now we are focusing on getting new players to the guild, mostly new players who just bought Guild Wars 2 and have no idea what to do. So if you are new to the game or tired of traveling solo in Tyria, make sure you join us and meet a cool small group!

Right now we are two members only so yeah hit me up on discord or in-game if you are interested!

My discord; ventux#7959My in-game account; haruspex.3698

My friends discord; Luke Rox#6629My friends in-game account; Koods.9815

Hope you liked this little recruitment and plan on joining us anytime :)

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HiI'm playing for a couple of months nowmainly pvping but just decided to go on map compliation (my new main is on 25%, last main on 82% but i decided i dont like playing with it :P)also i'm up for learning fractals and raids.and also just having fun and exploring with people.

what is your discord?

ingame: Roei.8514feel free to invite me :P

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