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LFG NA 21+ small scale wvw/spvp teams and pvx 2 people


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Buddy and I just came back to the game after 2 years because we are getting bored of BDO. We are currently playing pubg/division and this game. And a little bdo still here and there. We enjoy PVP spvp and wvw but not zerging in wvw. Was wondering if there were any guilds out that did these things. An active guild with discord or Teamspeak. We are both over the age of 30 with kids and 8-5 job M-F so drama free and older mature players would be awesome. I have 2 boosts I can use to get my guy to 80 and be currently on Crystal Desert but we can move if it's still free.

Can contact me:

Steam: tekren77381 or tekrenGame tag: tekk.7560

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MAS guild invites you to consider us for your WvW play. We are a solid 18+ guild community that focuses on WvW, and continuing to grow our fight squad.Currently on Sorrow’s Furnace server.

Check us out at https://mas4eva.enjin.com. Complete a recruit application if you are interested, or reach out with questions.Good luck with your journey to find a group.

Pre~GM of MAS

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