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Textures loosing details for no apparent reason

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Greetings from Croatia.

Recently I got back to GW2 and really enjoying it but I have some problems with textures not loading.I have i5 3470@3.6GHZ, GTX 1060 6GB and 8GB Ram. Game is installed on Samsung SSD EVO 750 250 GB (79GB free space).

CPU usage is around 40 to 70, depends on the scene and GPU usage is from 45 to 75%. Playing in 2560*1440.CPU temperatue is usually around 62C when in game and GPU temp is around 56-60C when in game.

Sometimes environment textures are not loading and that kills immersion. It happens in vanilla content (personal story) so I know that my PC is able to handle those textures with that amount of Vram. I am not even using supersampling, using native rendering. Framerate is locked 60 in personal story and I still have lots of blurry textures (walls, rocks, trees) while 2m from those objects, textures are super crisp.

I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

I don't have any issues like those in any other installed game (Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch etc.).I don't have viruses, overheating, driver crashes etc.

I have fiber connection, 100/100MBIT.

Here are some screenshots on the links:

Bad texture:https://abload.de/img/gw2-642018-01-1504-353aotx.jpg

Then after some time, same texture is fantastically detailed:https://abload.de/img/gw2-642018-01-1504-373dobk.jpg

Bad texture:https://abload.de/img/gw2-642018-01-1504-34jwrhl.jpg

And after I turn camera around a bit, same texture get sharper a bit, but when I turn camera back, it gets blurry again... :(https://abload.de/img/gw2-642018-01-1504-346to1h.jpg

Pls help.

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It's on GW2 side I'm sure.

Textures such as these aren't streamed from servers on the fly, they're stored in your Gw2.dat.

First thing i'd do, because it's the fastest, is hit your windows key and search

%appdata%and hit enter. Navigate to your Gw2 folder and delete your Local.dat file, should be around 70MB. It will rebuild once you start the game again.

If you still get low-LoD textures like this, you might try a -repair command if you haven't already.

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